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Article: Saenchai: “Train Like You Fight”

Saenchai: “Train Like You Fight”

Saenchai: “Train Like You Fight”

Legendary words, by a legendary man. In a recent interview with T-Sport, the living legend Saenchai told fans one of the secrets to fighting success is to “train like you fight” and an even more recent video that can be found of the official Yokkao facebook page shows him doing just this. In the video, you will see for yourself Saenchai trains exactly as he fights, which is an important aspect of his being a champion. Saenchai works very hard at perfecting his skills and making them second nature, so he makes sure his training is reflected in his fighting, and his fighting is reflected in his training. And his world class skills were again showcased in his recent win on July 22nd. Make sure to check out the behind the scenes footage from this recent fight on the Yokkao Snapchat account. Make sure to follow the living legends advice, “train like you fight”, and you too could be a champion.

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