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Article: Saenchai Wants to Take on America!

Saenchai Wants to Take on America!

Saenchai Wants to Take on America!

At YOKKAO 21 in Hong Kong this October 27th two of the brands top Muay Thai fighters will be entering the ring, the ‘Living Legend’ Saenchai, and YOKKAO’s youngest, yet very skilled Manachai. Saenchai has asked YOKKAO promoters in Hong Kong to have an American step up to the plate and challenge him in front of the entire world. The weight class for this potential fighter will be at 65 kg. Saenchai confirms to be open to ANYONE who thinks they may have the dedication, heart and skills to face him one on one in the squared circle. A very huge opportunity to fight against a Muay Thai Living Legend in front of the Hong Kong crowd and world wide YOKKAO, Muay Thai viewership. If you think you got what it takes please send you’re well written bio, fight record to the YOKKAO HQ via email at Saenchai Challenges The USA! Who Will be the chosen one?

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