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Article: Singdam and Pakorn Adopt YOKKAOSaenchaiGym as Their Last Names!

Singdam and Pakorn Adopt YOKKAOSaenchaiGym as Their Last Names!

Singdam and Pakorn Adopt YOKKAOSaenchaiGym as Their Last Names!

In the Muay Thai tradition of Thailand, fighters adopt their sponsor's name or -more commonly- their camp names as a last name. The YOKKAOSaenchaiGym name is an alliance of YOKKAO and Muay Thai living legend, Saenchai. It follows the names of young fighters such as Manachai, Yodchai, and Wuttichai as a mark of their allegiance. YOKKAO is now proud to announce that 2 acclaimed fighting legends have officially took on the YOKKAOSaenchaiGym namesake.

Singdam Kiatmoo9 and Pakorn PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym will henceforth be known as Singdam YOKKAOSaenchaiGym and Pakorn PKYOKKAOSaenchaiGym respectively. Singdam, whose name means “Black Lion” in Thai, is a legend in Muay Thai. He has fought a who’s who list of the most elite fighters over his distinguished career; holding notable wins over Yodsanklai Fairtex, Orono Wor Petchpun, Nong-O Kaiyanghadaogym, and his fellow YOKKAO comrade, Saenchai. Singdam’s powerful middle kicks have wrecked a great deal of arms in the ring and brought upon him a veritable number of titles of the highest level. Besides winning Lumpinee championship titles multiple times, he has also received the prestigious honor of being awarded the Fighter of the year by Lumpinee stadium, and both the Sports Authority as well as Sports Writers of Thailand. He continues to make waves in the international fight scene, particularly with a streak of wins in Chinese promotions, Kunlun Fight. Pakorn himself, has a fight career that is no less impressive. He has won many belts including Lumpinee, Rajadamnern and YOKKAO championship titles. Not forgetting winning the coveted Sports Authority of Thailand’s ‘Fighter of the year’ award in 2010. He is adored for his impressive technical skills and often entertained the crowds with great action in the ring.

His fight against Pornsanae Sitmonchai in 2010 was awarded the Lumpinee’s Fight of the Year and remains one of the most celebrated matchups of all time. Pakorn showed that he had the true heart of a fighter by returning fist-for-fist in the fight, proving his place as one of the most complete fighters in Muay Thai. After an intermission from professional fighting, Pakorn returned to the ring this year and has officially joined the YOKKAO camp. The adoption of YOKKAOSaenchaiGym as their new last names is an honour both ways for the fighters and the gym. Singdam and Pakorn will be managed exclusively by the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok, and can be expected to make appearances in high profile YOKKAO events and seminars around the world. Fans visiting the camp now have the possibility of meeting and training with the 2 fighters, along with the living legend, Saenchai. With the stable of elite fighters and top-level training, YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok continues to be a top name in Muay Thai.

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