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Article: Singpayak: "110% Chance of Beating Spencer Brown In Sydney"

Singpayak: "110% Chance of Beating Spencer Brown In Sydney"

Singpayak: "110% Chance of Beating Spencer Brown In Sydney"

YOKKAO Next Generation Sydney is just round the corner, happening on 26th May at the Marrickville Town Hall. The event is organized with long-time partner, SRG Promotions and will be headlined by Spencer Brown vs Singpayak. The Thai fighter is a former Channel 7 Stadium champion and now fights out of New South Wales' PTJ Muay Thai Gym.

Here is an interview with Singpayak on the upcoming fight:

YOKKAO (Y): Hi Singpayak, hope everything’s going well. How is your training coming along for YOKKAO Next Generation Sydney? How have you been preparing yourself for this fight?

Singpayak (S): We have just commenced training for Next Generation Sydney. Training will be the same as for any other fight. We start bit by bit and really pick it up 2 weeks out.

Y: You moved to PTJ Gym in Australia for a few years, how has it been living and working there?

S: I love it! We have a great group of people at our gym and the transition from living in Thailand to living in Sydney was made really easy due to the owners being able to speak Thai. Sydney has a large Thai community so finding things like Thai food, etc… made it easier. Working at the gym has been a lot of fun as the members are really nice and fighting has enabled me to get to see other parts of Australia too.

Y: You are a trainer at PTJ gym. How do you manage your job as a trainer and a fighter?

S: I have a really busy training schedule working at the gym with classes and PTs, so I stay active and fit always. When it comes fight time, it’s just a matter of cutting down on the teaching and focusing on my fight training.

Y: What has been the most memorable fight for you in your career?

S: There are so many but I feel 2 fights really helped shape my career and my life. First one was my Channel 7 Stadium title, which gave me a Bangkok stadium belt. My uni, gym and family were all there and it was an amazing feeling. Second was my first fight in Australia. This fight and sponsorship brought me to Australia and has shaped my career and future here in Australia. Working here has helped me do so much for both my family back home, and me personally. I really have Muay Thai to thank for that!

Y: You will be facing YOKKAO fighter, Spencer Brown in Sydney on 26th May. What do you know and think of your younger opponent?

S: I don’t actually think too much about my opponents, to be honest. The most important thing for me before a fight is not about beating the opponent in front of me, it’s about bettering myself, and helping display Muay Thai in a way that is beautiful and makes people want to watch and train!

Y: What do you think are your chances of winning at this fight?

S: 110%.

Y: Anything you want to say to the fans in Australia?

S: I want to urge all the Sydney Muay Thai fans, their friends and families to come out to support this show and all Muay Thai shows in Sydney. When more people go to shows, it allows promoters to be able to promote, fighters to be able to fight and draw attention to our beautiful art. If you are in other parts of Australia, make sure you buy the stream as this fight will be one to remember!

Y: Thank you for taking time for this interview, and good luck for your fight! Get your tickets at

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