Spencer Takes On New Role in YOKKAO UK Operations

Known equally for his intense fight style and entertaining social media presence, Spencer has grown to become an integral part of the YOKKAO brand.  Even though his career in the ring is currently put on hold, he continues to put in the work outside of the ring. 

Spencer has been involved in other operations of the brand including social media and most recently, taking on various responsibilities at YOKKAO 45-46 in Italy. He has also been kept busy having started in his new role. Together with our long-time UK partner, Brian Calder, Spencer is now in charge of our operations in the UK, working on a number of massive projects already in the pipeline.

The Scottish fighter first arrived at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok in 2016 after finishing high school. Training out of Bangkok for the last three years, Spencer has built a growing reputation on the global Muay Thai stage having fought in Thailand, UK, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong and Italy.

Last November, Spencer was pulled out of an event after experiencing brain trauma symptoms. He underwent extensive medical examinations in various hospitals in Bangkok. As advised by medical specialists, all training and fights have been suspended for Spencer since. He returned to his home in Scotland last December for recuperation and has reported experiencing improvements over this period. His conditions will continue to be monitored until complete recovery before returning back to train. 

Posting on his social media account, he says, 

“I know what I can do both in and outside of the ring and that translates to all other aspects in my life. I’ll use all my power to push YOKKAO in the right direction working alongside Brian Calder, the man who first noticed me nearly 5 years ago when he asked me to fight on the YOKKAO 12-13 undercard and it all went up from there.”

We look forward to Spencer’s contributions in his new role and wish him full recovery as we anticipate his return to the ring.

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