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Article: Star-Studded Lineup Confirmed for YOKKAO 35 - 36

Star-Studded Lineup Confirmed for YOKKAO 35 - 36

Star-Studded Lineup Confirmed for YOKKAO 35 - 36

YOKKAO 35 - 36 is set to take place on 26 January 2019 in Turin Italy. Featuring two back-to-back shows on one night, the much-anticipated Muay Thai gala features a lineup like never before.

Renowned athletes from the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok along with competitors from Italy and around the world are confirmed for the stacked card. Making fight appearances on the show are Saenchai, Singdam, Manachai, Yodchai, Spencer Brown, Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee and Liam Harrison.

Here a rundown of these 7 Muay Thai stars:

Saenchai is a Muay Thai living legend widely known the world over. He is also considered by many to be the greatest Thai boxer of all time. A master technician in the ring, Saenchai possesses an animated yet effective fighting style that has thrilled and entertained fans worldwide. Since November 2014, the legend has remained undefeated with an impressive 41-win streak.

In the night other headlining match-up is Singdam, another Thai boxing legend. The multi-time Lumpinee stadium and Thailand champion holds a record of over 300 fights with 273 wins in his illustrious career. Known for his powerful middle kicks and hard knee strikes, Singdam will make his Italian debut at the coming event. This could also be one of the last opportunities for fans to catch Saenchai and Singdam on the same fight card.

Sharing the same stage as his 2 mentors is Manachai, the bright young star of the YOKKAO camp. With an all-rounded and dynamite fighting style, Manachai is an adept at delighting fans with his technical sweeps and devastating low kicks. The 22 year-old was recently crowned the new WBC Muay Thai world welterweight champion in Hong Kong.

Another young Thai fighter who to watch for is Yodchai, a 23 year-old originally from the Northern Thai province of Uttaradit. An otherwise reserved character outside the ring, Yodchai is known to turn up the action when he steps into squared circle He been known to finish fights with elbow knockouts backed by his technical precision.

Standing out among his Thai camp mates is YOKKAO camp's sole foreign fighter, Spencer Brown. The young Scotland native has gained quite a following since joining YOKKAO - both for his hilarious antics on social media as well as the high-octane action that he brings to the ring. His body shots are as cracking as his jokes.

Besides the above stars of the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok, renowned world champions Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee and Liam Harrison have also been confirmed for the show. Sudsakorn is one of the most prolific Muay Thai fighters of this generation, holding a record of 287 wins in 343 fights. The lanky welterweight champion is a household name on the international circuit, having frequently fought outside of Thailand. Sudsakorn is a dangerous opponent to face in the ring, winning 72 of his fights via knockouts over his career.

Last but definitely not the least, the star-studded cast is rounded up with UK number one Muay Thai fighter, Liam Harrison. Nicknamed the Hitman, Harrison is famed his ferocious hard-hitting style. The fan-favorite has earned multiple titles of prestige in his career including WMC and WBC world championship belts.

A total of 32 world-class Muay Thai competitors will take to the stage at YOKKAO 35 - 36, happening in less than 2 months' time. Organized in partnership with Thai Boxe Mania promoter, Carlo Barbuto, the double event will take place at the PalaRuffini multi-purpose indoor arena and is shaping up to be one of YOKKAO biggest shows. Tickets for YOKKAO 35 - 36 are now on sale at TicketOne via

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