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Article: Superlek, Petchpanomrung Put on Strong Performances in Songkhla

Superlek, Petchpanomrung Put on Strong Performances in Songkhla

YOKKAO Fight Team members and Kiatmoo9 camp mates Superlek and Petchpanomrung headlined two nights of Muay Thai events down south in Songkhla province last week. While both put in outstanding performances, the two finished their respective nights in different outcomes.

Superlek faced 19-year-old phenom Rungkit Wor Sangprapai in the April 8th headliner for the “SuekMahakomMuayRamPonkon Chana'' show organized by Petchyindee promotions. Winning the first two of their three meetings, Superlek came in as the hot favorite of the main event. Even with the odds, Rungkit recently defeated Sangmanee and was not to be underestimated.

In five rounds of technical battling, Superlek leveraged on his experience and hard kicks to outscore Rungkit convincingly. The Kiatmoo9 proved himself as one of the top fighters in the elite Muay Thai circuit, beating Rungkit to clinch the win by unanimous decision.

Next evening on April 9th’s “Muaymunwansuk” show (also organized by Petchyindee), Petchpanomrung starred in the main event taking on Chujaroen Dabransarakarm. The fight marked Petchpanomrung’s first Muay Thai bout in almost 4 years since transitioning to a kickboxing career with Glory.

Although absent from Muay Thai for a long period, Petchpanomrung put in a strong performance reminiscent of his form during his peak Muay Thai years. He was able to land kick after kick, decimating Chujaroen’s arm through the 5-round match. Sensing Petchpanomrung’s lead, the 180-cm tall Chujaroen put his long-range knees to work but did not make any serious impact.

Despite a stellar performance, Petchpanomrung failed to impress the judges and Chujaroen walked away with the contentious win. The results were fiercely debated by Muay Thai fans on Thai social media where many were backing a Petchpanomrung victory. We expect Petchpanomrung to come back with a stronger performance and more deserving results in his next Muay Thai outing.

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