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Article: Superlek Talks - An Exclusive Interview with the Kicking Machine

Superlek Talks - An Exclusive Interview with the Kicking Machine

Superlek is in the final phase of his preparation for his super fight with fellow Muay Thai superstar, Rodtang Jitmuannon for the ONE World Flyweight Kickboxing Championship. Their clash will serve as the main event of ONE Fight Night 8, which will be held on March 24 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The fight will be Superlek’s first defense of the title that he won just this past January 14 at ONE Fight Night 6 when he outclassed Daniel Puertas of Spain. It is interesting to note that this will mark the first time that Superlek and Rodtang will meet in the ring. They have never fought before, although they have trained together in the past. So this first meeting is sure to be as explosive as any fight in Kickboxing or Muay Thai at present.

Taking a brief break from his intense training at the Yokkao Training Center in Bangkok, Superlek sat down for an exclusive interview. He touches briefly on his start, his overall career, his upcoming fight, and what the future holds for him.

Yokkao: When did you start fighting?

Superlek: I started training in Muay Thai at the age of 7 and I started fighting the following year when I was 8 years old.

Yokkao: How did you feel in that first fight?

Superlek: I was nervous because it was my first fight and I was just a child. There was no technique at all and I just kept punching.

Yokkao: How many fights have you had?

Superlek: Because I started fighting in Muay Thai when I was a child, I already have around 300 to 400 fights.

Yokkao: When did you first meet the Yokkao family?

Superlek: I first arrived and started training at Yokkao around 5 or 6 years ago.

Yokkao: What were your thoughts when you first learned the news that you were going to defend your title against Rodtang?

Superlek: When I found out that I was going to defend my championship belt against Rodtang, I felt so happy. I was in the USA at the time when I received the call that I was going to fight Rodtang. It will be the first defense of my title and I was so happy but I knew that I would have to train very hard once I return to Thailand. I am training hard and making my game plan for the fight. After that, we are going to see what will happen in the ring.

Yokkao: Why hasn’t this fight happened before?

Superlek: Everybody wants to see this fight, not just in Thailand but the entire world. But in Thailand, Rodatang and I were in different weight classes so it was not possible for us to meet in the ring. This fight became possible because we are now both in ONE’s flyweight division. Right now, Rodtang is the ONE Flyweight Muay Thai champion and he also wants to become the Flyweight Kickboxing champion. So we will meet on the ONE Championship stage to settle that.

Yokkao: What makes this fight so important?

Superlek: Muay Thai is my job. I do it well and I want my family to have a good life because of my fights.

Yokkao: What’s your next goal?

Superlek: After I defend my championship title, I want to meet Rodtang again, but this time for the Flyweight Muay Thai championship.

Yokkao: Any final regards?

Superlek: To all my fans, please support me on Saturday, March 25 - Superlek vs. Rodtang.

Superlek is calm and focused throughout the short interview, but you can tell he’s ready for the fight. The Kicking Machine clearly cannot wait to get in the ring and defend his crown, proving that he is the superior fighter over Rodtang. And the fans are about to be treated to fireworks when the two stars finally clash next week!

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