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Article: Superlek Trains with Bellator Middleweight Champ Johnny Eblen

Superlek Trains with Bellator Middleweight Champ Johnny Eblen

Superlek kicked off his latest tour of the US by training with Bellator Middleweight Champion Johnny Eblen. Champion meets another champion in a case of iron sharpening iron. After all, Eblen is set to defend his title on February 04, and the friendly yet highly technical training session with Superlek is nothing short of productive.

Fresh off winning the ONE World Flyweight Kickboxing championship, Superlek is staying sharp with this tour. And it’s not just any kind of tour since he is taking on some of the very best MMA fighters based in the United States. The MMA fighters can no doubt pick up some tips and tricks by training with one of the elite strikers today.

It was a sight to behold as the two champions displayed their crisp techniques for the duration of their training session. The ‘Kicking Machine’ showed why he is probably the top pound-for-pound Muay Thai fighter in the world today with his array of slick striking techniques, highlighted by his signature kicks.

Of course, the ‘Human Cheat Code’ also showed off the skills that made him a champion in one of the top Mixed Martial Arts promotions in the world today. He has an unblemished MMA record that culminated in him winning Bellator’s Middleweight title in June of last year. He is set to defend it next week and the training session can be seen as the last touches of his preparation.

YOKKAO spearheaded this ‘exchange of disciplines’ where there is a free exchange of skills and techniques during training sessions. Philip Villa, the brand’s founder, and CEO believes all the fighters that will participate in the cross-training events will benefit and grow from the exchanges. This is only the first leg of Superlek’s tour and it could not have started any better. Before the tour is through, he will have made the rounds of several top MMA gyms throughout the US. The experience will only enrich both Muay Thai and MMA as a way of improving both disciplines.

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