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Article: The 10 Essentials for a Muay Thai Fighter

The 10 Essentials for a Muay Thai Fighter

The 10 Essentials for a Muay Thai Fighter

Ever ask yourself why fight bag’s are so bloody big? Training to become the best, you need to be ready like the best and this takes the right gear to train safely and effectively. Check out and see if you got what it takes to be like the best at the Official Muay Thai Yokkao Fight Team.

1. Boxing Gloves The first essential in any fight bag. Ideally you carry two sets of fight gloves, a light pair along the weight of 10oz for training on bags and pad work and a heavier 14/16oz set for sparring and drills.

2. Shin Guards Training with Muay Thai shin guards is a must, it not only protects your shins but it protects your partner from harm as well. As you begin training, shin guards allow you flexibility as you fine tune the precision of your attacks. Shin guards provide freedom to put power behind your kicks, while developing strength, conditioning and precision strikes. Highly recommended trying (or asking us at Muay Thai Shin Guards for size as it will effect your performance and comfort level.

3. Head Gear Cover your head, safety is principal especially when it comes to protecting your dome. Head Gear is essential for novice and expert fighter’s alike. Protecting your head from concussions while keeping your fighting prowess dialed in keeps those moments in the ring clear.

4. Groin Protection Do you need us to spell this out for you? While below the belt shots are uncommon, they still can happen, protect your gear!

5. Hand Wraps They take up no space in your gear bag and they are crucial in supporting your wrists and knuckles for putting power behind your punches in training, sparring and in fights. Hold onto a few pairs, depending how long you are training it is always nice to have a fresh pair for later in your gym session.

6. Mouth Guard Cheap and effective, Mouth Guards are one of the most cross-disciplinary safety tools in sports. Protect your teeth from chipping or breaking with a Mouth Guard is much cheaper than getting them fixed after the fact by the dentist.

7. Knee and Elbow Pads Ever hit that nerve in your elbow and feel it shoot out, Elbow and Knee Pads helps prevent bone on bone impacts that hurt like nothing else! In sparring Elbow Pads protect you from cutting your opponent and your opponent you. An important tool keeping you safe and in prime condition for fights.

8. Athletic Tape You cannot go wrong owning proper tools, and tape, the simplest tool that can make or break your training/fighting. From keeping hand wraps snug to pads secure from sliding, solid Athletic Tape is key ingredient to keeping your fight kit dialed in.

9. Ankle Guards Providing additional support from the power behind landing kicks on pads, bags or your opponent, Ankle Guards help protect your principal fighting asset in Muay Thai, your feet.

10. Namman Muay Ever wonder what a trainer is applying to a fighter before his fight? Namman Muay is a fighter’s best friend, a lotion more specifically a muscle liniment helps sooth aches and pains in their path to recovery.

Great for pre/post fighting or training, take care of your body by helping mitigate soreness. Keep this lotion in a sealed bag or secure in your bag so it does not explode! On a side note, potassium is the vitamin that boosts the healing of scar tissue, a natural source - bananas, eat three daily and you will naturally heal more rapidly. If you are looking to buy the most requested Muay Thai Gear of the moment, come and visit our new YOKKAO Shop in Bangkok or Buy Online at

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