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Article: The YOKKAO Team Grows Again!

The YOKKAO Team Grows Again!

The YOKKAO Team Grows Again!

The YOKKAO Camp, Fight Team, and Coaching Team continues to rapidly grow and evolve each week. Beginning with the new YOKKAO Muay Thai Training Center in Bangkok, home base of fighters like the ‘living legend’ Saenchai, and Singdam, along with master coach Kru Manop, to newer Fight Team members like the young and energetic Manachai, YOKKAO refuses to slow down or get complacent.

Last week YOKKAO continued it’s push to stay the best, and working with only the best by welcoming Olympic boxing trainer Ajarn Pui to the YOKKAO coaching team. One of the best boxing trainers in all of Thailand, Ajarn took quite a bit of convincing to join the team as he’s one of the most requested and sought after boxing coaches in the country. Ajarn Pui has coached the legendary fighter Samart Payakaroon, and is currently coaching the super talented Sangmanee Sor Tienpo, continuing this tradition by personally coaching the young Manachai, as well as the entire YOKKAO Fight Team. Ajarn Pui is available for private sessions to the public as well, so go to the YOKKAO website and book some today.

Besides the coaching team, the YOKKAO Fight Team will also be expanding quickly. The ‘living legend’ himself Saenchai is personally overseeing the selection of young and upcoming fighters to join the Team.

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