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Article: TripAdvisor named YOKKAO Training Center among the top places to visit in Bangkok!

TripAdvisor named YOKKAO Training Center among the top places to visit in Bangkok!

YOKKAO Training Center

TripAdvisor named YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok among the top places to visit in Bangkok. Picture this: you’re in a strange country and have been looking for things to do or somewhere to lay your weary head for the night. You manage to salvage some terrible WiFi from a cafe that is on a corner of the street with the hustle and bustle of life is flying on by, you bury your head into your iPhone/laptop/iPad to find out where is best to rest for the night. The go to app for all things relating to travel and tourism is, TripAdvisor.

Used by millions of people across the world as the source of information and reliable recommendations TripAdvisor is the home to many thousands of interactive reviews, pictures, videos and offers that people can take advantage of. Which is why YOKKAO are proud to announce that the YOKKAO Training Centre appears among the top of the list of things to do while in Bangkok. With over 30 reviews talking about how amazing the experiences are that people are having when visiting, the feedback speaks for itself: One person says:

“I can't speak highly enough of the team at YOKKAO in Bangkok. I spent three days there, and everyone from the trainers to the other fighters were excellent. The facilities are second to none, and crucially it is AUTHENTIC. Highly recommended.

If that doesn’t speak volumes then how about this one;

Truly amazing and real experience. Shapes and sizes don't matter. I am addicted to this training centre. Trainers are fantastic. They are there to teach you and show you their moves! Serious and tough with smiles and joy.”

There are plenty more reviews and pictures that people have posted while enjoying their visit in the highly equipped facility which is located in the heart of Bangkok and is home to the best of the best, the who's who of Muay Thai. The elite. Classes and equipment to tailor to every need that may cross the doorstep into the YOKKAO Training Center has been covered and provided, it then soon becomes clear why it has become the epicentre of superstars from all walks of life that take the adventure to head to one of the world busiest cities to experience what it is really like to train Muay Thai.

Top names including the National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal have visited the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok and has also recently had CNN name YOKKAO one of the top 5 up coming businesses in Thailand. Top Fighters, Training Centers and best Muay Thai events all around the world, YOKKAO also manufacture high quality Muay Thai Gear that struggle to be rivalled by any other brand on the market. The brand can showing why they are at the top of their game when it comes not only to quality but also to cutting edge designs, seen here with the new SICK Trio design.

The Collection has recently been released for people to look and feel the part while training. All to be found in the YOKKAO shop which currently have a special offer on. Don’t just take the word of us, head over to TripAdvisor and check the reviews out for yourself, also, while you’re on, take a look at what it is really like to become the best version of yourself. Check out the video with world champions and beginners who flock to the YOKKAO training Center to hone their skills and grow as a person.

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