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Article: When to Visit Bangkok for Muay Thai Vacations

When to Visit Bangkok for Muay Thai Vacations

When to Visit Bangkok for Muay Thai Vacations

Its a dream for Muay Thai enthusiasts around the world - to take a trip to the sport country of origin.

Every year, thousands upon thousands of visitors descend upon Thailand for training vacations. During the course of days, weeks or months, Muay Thai practitioners and beginners immerse themselves in the intensive training that have given the world its best champions and legends.

Bangkok city is without a doubt, the mecca of Muay Thai. The world eminent stadiums of Lumpinee and Rajadamnern are both found in the capital, along with the country top Muay Thai camps. Other than the reasons mentioned, Bangkok offers an efficient public transport system, diverse world-class attractions and endless entertainment outlets. All of these combine for a truly unique vacation that is unlike anywhere in the world.

Timing is always important when it comes to planning for such a trip. Given that the equator is just 15 degrees south of the country, Thailand is known for its fiery tropical climate which can be overbearing for many visitors. The country also receive seasonal monsoon periods which can make getting around difficult.

There are trade-offs that one should also consider. With the monsoon seasons, the tourist numbers decline, prices dip for flight fares and accomodations. During the dry and cooler season, the country receives visibly more visitors and it can be more difficult booking for hotels. With these factors in mind, here is a rough breakdown of the different periods for visiting Bangkok:

Cool Season
Cool is a relative term for tropical Thailand, especially Bangkok with daytime temperature just slightly under 30°C (about 86°F) during the months from around November to February. The country sees the largest throngs of vacationers during these months simply because it the best weather to go sightseeing and also for training. Getting around is easy with minimal chance of getting caught in the rain. The city well-known attractions (e.g. Grand Palace, Wat Arun etc.) and popular gyms like YOKKAO Training Center receive the most guests during these months.

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Hot Season

The country is at its hottest from around March to May where temperatures can reach as high as 40°C (about 104°F). This can be a more strenuous period for training Muay Thai but with constant and adequation hydration, this is still a possible option. The seasonal heat is punctuated with the famous water festival, Songkran in mid-April. It is a great time to visit for experiencing this unique Thai culture.

Monsoon Season

After the hot season, the whole country undergoes a monsoon season between June to October. The torrential rains bring some respite to the heat but can flood some parts of the city, retarding traffic and travel. When the showers arrive, it may rain regularly but only for brief periods, usually interspersed with overcast weather. The rains peak in September and October, which can be a difficult time to get around. This is still a good time to come when it isn't as crowded as other seasons, and good deals can be snagged at hotels and flights.

Even though the majority of vacationers fly into Thailand during the dry and cooler months, there are perks to visiting outside of this period. It can be quieter at gyms and attractions which lend to more intimate experiences during the off-peak period. For those looking to spend time almost exclusively for training at a gym, the best time for a Muay Thai vacation in Bangkok is any time.

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