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Article: YOKKAO 10 - YOKKAO 11 Weigh-in Results and Pre-fight press conference!

YOKKAO 10 - YOKKAO 11 Weigh-in Results and Pre-fight press conference!


Saturday, October 11, YOKKAO 10 and 11 have once again signaled England's Muay Thai success. The power of a dream, the dream of fighting in the promotion defined in an English blog "... surely the most prestigious and credible promotion now worldwide." gave the fighter the right boost to fight beyond their abilities. Anyone who has seen the pictures of the weigh-ins must have understood the physical form that fighters were, determined and focused for the win. The matches had turned Reebok Stadium into an arena packed to the roof with fans from Ireland, Scotland and England. After recalling the death of Liam Robinson with 10 chimes of bells and a minute of silence, the show began.


Jordan Watson vs Mickael Piscitello has been a match worthy of the Yokkao World Title -70kg. Mickael and Jordan clashed brutally from the start of the first round. A precise hook from Piscitello made Jordan's legs give way. Nasser's corner was screaming that Jordan should be counted but the referee does not believe that there needs to be a count. Counted or not, the result would not be changed because Piscitello's shin started having problems and bleeding. The low kick in the third round from Watson was decisive with Piscitello getting KOed. Piscitello's shin injury brought 3 stitches at the hospital. Watson tore an incredible page from the history books in the Muay Thai world and becomes the FIRST YOKKAO WORLD CHAMPION -70kg.


Pakorn arrived in Manchester with the belt YOKKAO -65kg and said to Stefania Picelli "I will go back in Thailand with this." The match between Greg Wootton and Pakorn certainly did not disappoint the fans who thought that Greg Wootton would be a simple opponent for Pakorn. They are sure to believe again in Wootton when fans watch the video on Yokkao Boxing's Youtube channel. The two really gave a show, hat's off to Greg Wootton, but Pakorn is Pakorn. The "Golden Boy" of Lumpinee, at the moment, seems not to have challengers who may be worthy of him. Pakorn won on points and became the FIRST YOKKAO WORLD CHAMPION -65kg.


Excluding for obvious reasons the two Yokkao World Titles, the fight of the night goes to Crice Boussoukou and Brad Stanton at YOKKAO 11. The fight has sent fans into a frenzy when Brad Stanton, after he was knocked out in third round from an elbow, raised and continued for two more rounds. Jump knees and elbows from Boussoukou made him a winner by points. Behind the scenes Brad Stanton said he had fun and did not remember anything after the third round. Brad Stanton is the new talent in the UK.


YOKKAO 10 In YOKKAO 10, Sabri Sadouki inflicted heavy blows on Tim Thomas who was stopped by the referee by TKO in the third round. Tim Thomas announced on Facebook his retirement after this fight. Salah Khalifa came with determination, forcing the referee to stop the fight at the first round against Steve Long. Salah Khalifa wins by TKO in the first round with a brilliant performance. Ste Foy was unable to continue the second round, the match was stopped and the victory was given to Cathal Mc Dermott.

YOKKAO 11 Sam Jackson dominated Luca Fonda with the referee stopping the match in the fourth round. The road to Italy seems like a long way to go to collide with the top British fighter, but we remain confident. Sore point: Daniel McGowan and his trainer entered the ring with t-shirts different from those provided by Yokkao Boxing, even though they had been warned previously. The regulation is clear for ALL: no t-shirts are permitted accept those provided by YOKKAO BOXING. The fighter and his trainer broke the regulation by demonstrating an attitude that wasn't professional.

Yokkao will take a measure in this regard, Daniel will probably not participate anymore in the Yokkao events. Another match to report that started the card YOKKAO and 11 was that among the young and exciting Myk Estlick and Kieron Jessop, who ended with the victory at the points of Myk Estlick. The evening was electrifying, the public was more excited than ever before and asked when they could buy tickets for the next event that will be held in March of 2015 in Bolton.

The fighters in the UK have shown the best of themselves, beyond their capacity. The power of a dream, the dream to show the world who you are, the dream of fighting for the best promotion at the moment, a promotion that thanks all fighters, trainers, promoters and fans, in putting the UK at the center of the world of Muay Thai. For our part we will do everything to give you more and more. Thank you for your support and see you soon on March 2015!" Read the next article >>> https://www.asia.yokkao.com/news/clarification-about-daniel-mcgowan-and-yokkao-boxing/

YOKKAO 11 results Muay Thai Full Rules 5x3

(1) PAKORN PK MUAYTHAIGYM vs GREG WOOTTON 63.5KGS YOKKAO WORLD TITLE –65KG Pakorn PK MuayThaiGym wins by points vs Greg Wootton Pakorn PK MuayThaiGym is the YOKKAO World Chapion -65kg

(2) BRAD STANTON vs CRICE BOUSSOUKOU 68KGS Crice Boussoukou wins by points vs Brad Stanton

(3) DAN MCGOWAN vs NESTOR RODRIGUEZ 54KGS Dan McGowan wins by points vs Nestor Rodriguez

(4) SAM JACKSON vs LUCA FONDA 70KGS Sam Jackson wins by TKO (referee stoppage round 4)

(5) JOSH TURBILL vs TOMMI MCCORMICK 68KGS Josh Turbill wins by points vs Tommi McCormick


Myk Estlick wins by points vs Kieron Jessop

YOKKAO 10 results Muay Thai Full Rules 5x3

(1) JORDAN WATSON vs MICKAEL PISCITELLO 70KGS YOKKAO WORLD TITLE –70KG Jordan Watson wins by KO round 3 (low kick) Jordan Watson is the YOKKAO World Champion -70kg

(2) TIM THOMAS vs SABRI SADOUKI 65KGS Sabri Sadouki wins by KO round 2

(3) STEVE LONG vs SALAH KHALIFA 68KGS Salah Khalifa wins by TKO round 1

(4) PRATHET vs BRIAN TOTTY 66KGS Prathet wins by points vs Brian Totty

(5) CATHAL MCDERMOTT vs STE FOY 61KGS Ste Foy wins by TKO round 2 (fighter refuses to continue)

(6) JORDAN WILLIAMS vs LIAM MCGRANDLES 62KGS Liam McGrandles wins by points vs Jordan Williams

(7) KAI LAITHWAITE V SAMMY BARUCA 51KGS Kai Laithwaite draws vs Sammy Baruca

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