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Article: YOKKAO 14 - YOKKAO 15: The Elite of Muay Thai!

YOKKAO 14 - YOKKAO 15: The Elite of Muay Thai!

YOKKAO 14 - YOKKAO 15: The Elite of Muay Thai!

In front of a sold out arena last Saturday October 10th, the Elite of Muay Thai gathered and demonstrated the best of themselves in what became the biggest Muay Thai event the UK has ever seen. Commentary on social media about YOKKAO 14 / 15 is going viral throughout the web: "Brilliant night, amazing, epic, best experience ever, best in business, can't wait for the next...". YOKKAO promoters have once again been able to organize a night that Muay Thai lovers will never forget. The incredible crowd arrived in full force from every part of the UK with an energy that drove the fighters beyond their limits.

YOKKAO NEXT GENERATION The new global events initiative is designed to discover unknown talents from the new generation. Starting with seven fights, new talents are coming.

YOKKAO 14 The show began with three TKOs in a row inflicted by Jack Kennedy, Joe McGovan and Myk Estlick. Estlick who is now Ranked 2 in the YOKKAO UK Ranking, is the first fighter in YOKKAO UK history to have won four fights consecutively. A real talent. Keith McLachlan won by points vs Ian Houillebecq, delivering fans an unforgettable performance.

TKO OF THE NIGHT: REECE MCALLISTER VS JOSH TURBILL The TKO of the night goes to Reece McAllister. McAllister awed audiences by winning with TKO through a series of power body shots against Josh Turbill in Round 1. In the second round the referee made a judgement call and stopped the fight. Fans commented on Facebook and Instagram saying "... Reece is another level.", "... Just gets better and better.", "...he is unstoppable..” McAllister, now Ranked 2 in the UK YOKKAO Ranking with 831 points, becomes the first fighter at -70kg in the UK to be a real threat for Jordan Watson.

SAENCHAI VS MASSARO GLUNDER In direct response to Massaro Glunder's comment during his pre-fight interview calling Saenchai too old, the Muay Thai Living Legend taught his young opponent a lesson in the old-school winning by points. A great line says, "to make a difference, you don't have to be amazing, you just need to be you." Saenchai embodies that difference because he is "just" Saenchai. Respect goes out to Massaro Glunder who accepted the fight with only a week advance notice against the best pound 4 pound fighter in the world. The Legend lives on.

YOKKAO 15 YOKKAO 15 started with a TKO by Jack Fallon against Luke Imeson and a KO by Tommi McCormick on Brian Totty. In a very close fight against Soloman Wickstead, Jake Purdy entered the YOKKAO UK Ranking at -72.5kg in the first position. Purdy was counted in the first round with Soloman getting counted in the third.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: JORDAN WATSON VS JORDANN PIKEUR Stunning performance by Jordan Watson who defeated Jordann Pikeur, Pikeur recently won by KO against Sanny Dahlbeck the standing YOKKAO World Champion -70kg. Five adrenaline fueled rounds with Pikeur and Watson giving every ounce of power in a fight that will live on in memory. Watson is back, stronger than ever, his next target: bring back home the YOKKAO World Title -70kg.

CHRISTOPHER SHAW VS KARIM BENNOUI Amazing performance by Christopher Shaw who defeated nothing less than Karim Bennoui, one of the best and most experienced -60kg fighters in the world. The news is all over the web with people desperately waiting to watch the fight on YouTube.

LIAM HARRISON VS SINGDAM KIATMOO9 Liam Harrison's determination doesn't need any introduction. Liam is the one and only foreign fighter who can face off against the best fighters in the world. The 100th fight anniversary for Liam showcased itself five rounds of total action, with devastating low kicks. Post-Fight interview with both fighters releasing soon along with the full fight video on youtube.com/yokkaoboxing and Facebook. All and all, Saturday the 10th of October, has been a night that will be impossible to forget. The culmination of passion for Muay Thai mixed with a concentrate adrenaline and action. Thanks UK for your amazing support and STAY TUNED FOR WHAT'S COMING NEXT! The next YOKKAO Event, YOKKAO 16, is set to take place in Rosario (Argentina) on Saturday November 13th, while the next YOKKAO Event in the UK is scheduled for Saturday, March 19th at the Macron Stadium in Bolton. Due to the overwhelming demand, tickets will be available this week at the newly renovated www.yokkao.com

** YOKKAO 15 Results **

Liam Harrison lost by points vs Singdam Kiatmoo9 Christopher Shaw won by points vs Karim Bennoui Jordan Watson won by points vs Jordan Piker Soloman Wickstead lost by points vs Jake Purdy Brian Totty lost by KO (round 1) vs Tommi McCormick Jack Fallon won by TKO (referee stoppage round 1) vs Luke Imeson

** YOKKAO 14 Results **

Saenchai PK SaenchaiMuayThaiGym won by points vs Massaro Glunder Reece McAllister won by TKO (round 1) vs Josh Turbill Keith McLachlan won by points vs Ian Houillebecq Myk Estlick won by TKO (referee stoppage round 3) vs Mike Bateman Joe McGovan won by TKO (round 4) vs George Davies Jack Kennedy won by TKO (round 3) vs Micheal McGeachan


Isac Taylor won by points vs Dylan Hardy Will Galloway lost by points vs Charlie Simpson Spencer Brown won by tko vs Adam Penketh Kyle Schofield lost by points vs Jordan Williams Cody Ditchev won by points vs Ryan Perkin Gary Laws lost by points vs Ian Gibson Daniel Irvine won by points vs Mateusz Duczmal,

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