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Article: YOKKAO 15 Chris Shaw: "Bennoui is good..but It's My Time!

YOKKAO 15 Chris Shaw: "Bennoui is good..but It's My Time!


The Muay Thai Community were recently told of the upcoming fight between Karim Bennoui and Christopher Shaw. Christopher Shaw is a seasoned fighter, we caught up with him for a chat to get an idea of what he is thinking on the run up to October 10th.

Dom: Who helps you both mentally and physically prepare for a fight?

Chris: Listening to daily motivation videos motivate and keep my head right mentally. I train hard 6 days a week twice a day I know come fight time I'm ready. The fights the easy bit. I have the whole power of Scotland team helping me improve day in day out pushing me to the limits with Gary O’Brien studying my opponent and coming up with a game plan.

Dom: What makes this fight different from other bouts you have had?

Chris: There isn't much difference I prepare and go into the ring 100% and do my job

Dom: Why do you keep coming back to fighting?

Chris: I fight for the buzz of it. I fight to be the best and I love challenging myself I'm a competitive person if we played monopoly I wouldn't let a kid win to be nice.

Dom: Where do you pull your inspiration/motivation?

Chris: I train all year round and progressing to becoming a complete fighter. Everyday I learn and take a step closer to my dreams.

Dom: When you are in the ring and all the preparation is done, what sort of challenges do you have to overcome to make sure you get the win?

Chris: It's a game of chess, being multiple moves a head of your opponent and bit of biting down on the gum shield and digging deep into everything you've got.

Dom: YOKKAO is great exposure for you as a fighter, how does that make you feel?

Chris: I’m honored to be fighting on YOKKAO. It was a great experience the last time and was the biggest show I’ve fought on. The crowd was amazing. I was treated like king can't thank YOKKAO enough for having me on again.

Dom: Do you have anything to say to your upcoming opponent?

Chris: Karim is very good opponent but come fight night I'll be more than ready for him! It's my time. So, Christopher Shaw sounds ready for this one. This one potentially has Fight of the Night written all over it! Saturday, October 10th, Macron Stadium - Bolton. YOKKAO 14 & 15. History will be made! See Karim Bennoui in action here against Darren O’Connor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bREPb025oeo You can also see Chris Shaw here:

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