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Article: YOKKAO 15 Shaw vs Wickstead: UK no.1 Spot is Coming Back to Scotland!

YOKKAO 15 Shaw vs Wickstead: UK no.1 Spot is Coming Back to Scotland!


We have had chance to have a quick chat with Chris Shaw about his upcoming fight against Soloman Wickstead...so here we are!

Dom: Who helps you both mentally and physically prepare for a fight?

Chris: My main trainers John Dunlop & Blair Caddis, also I have a strong team of guys around me, that keep me focused and prepare me for all my fight. This ensures that I am also 100% physically & mentally prepared.

Dom: What makes this fight different from other bouts you have had?

Chris: This fight means a lot to me, not only because I'm fighting on a massive show like this, but also because I've been out of the ring for a while but this lets me prove that I am the best UK no.1 fighter at 72.5kg.

Dom: Why do you keep coming back to fighting?

Chris: It's a big part of who I am I've been doing it since I was the age of 4, and I just love it.

Dom: Where do you pull your inspiration/motivation from?

Chris: I just love the sport and have been doing it all my life, and always try and raise the bar every time I fight.

Dom: When you are in the ring and all the preparation is done, what sort of challenges do you have to overcome to make sure you get the win?

Chris: I just stay relaxed and take the fight as it comes, as not everyone fights the same. I'm always 100% ready and focused that's my main aim.

Dom: YOKKAO is great exposure for you as a fighter, how does that make you feel?

Chris: I'm honour to be fight on a massive show like this, with such a great line up and world class fights.

Dom: Do you have anything to say to your upcoming opponent?

Chris: Solomon is a fantastic fighter and will be a big challenge for me, but I'll be 100% ready for him. But the UK no.1 spot is coming back to Scotland. So there we have it... sounding as determined as they come to take the No. 1 spot to Scotland.

Unfortunately Soloman didn't want to answer any questions pre-fight night. Do you think he is a bit nervous?" If you want to have a look at the other interviews we have spoken to Reece and Josh about their upcoming fight here: www.asia.yokkao.com/news/yokkao-14-a-talk-with-josh-turbill/ www.asia.yokkao.com/news/a-catch-up-with-reece-mcallister/ And if you haven't got your tickets yet you can get more information from over here too:

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