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Article: YOKKAO 23/24 Weigh-in results, press and Pre-Fight Videos!

YOKKAO 23/24 Weigh-in results, press and Pre-Fight Videos!

YOKKAO 23/24 Weigh-in results, press and Pre-Fight Videos!

The Weigh-ins for YOKKAO 23/24 went down Friday March 24th with no major issues to report. The action will be held inside the MACRON Stadium in Bolton UK, today Saturday March 25th.

YOKKAO will be bringing fight fans two events in 1 night. The fights that has the majority of Muay Thai fans talking about are the showdowns between Jordan Watson (England) vs Songraw Petchyindee (Thailand) headlining YOKKAO 23, Liam Harrison (England) vs Rayan Mekki (France), Amy Pirnie vs Dakota Ditcheva and Wuttichai YOKKAOSAENCHAIGYM vs Stephen Meleady topping off YOKKAO 24. Watson will put his 70kg YOKKAO world title on the line against Petchyindee, Harrison will also be putting his 65kg YOKKAO world title up for grabs vs Mekki with both fights guaranteed to give the fans their monies worth. Stay to the YOKKAO social media pages for more information on how you can catch some of the action live and direct from Bolton. *** YOKKAO 24 Weigh-in results ***

YOKKAO WORLD TITLE -65 kgs Liam Harrison 64.8 kgs vs Rayan Mekki 64.8 kgs YOKKAO UK Female Ranking -51kgs Amy Pirnie 50.5 kgs vs Dakota Ditcheva 51.8 kgs Thailand vs Ireland -63kgs Wuttichai Yokkao Saenchaigym 61.90 kgs vs Stephen Meleady 62.40 kgs YOKKAO UK Ranking -65kgs Jack Kennedy 65 kgs vs Tommi MCCormick 65.40 kgs England vs Norway -54kgs Louis Green 52.60 kgs vs Markus Kalberg 53.95 kgs England vs England -78kgs Karl Upton 75.80 kgs vs Remassy Omoboye 77.90 kgs

*** YOKKAO 23 Weigh-in results *** YOKKAO WORLD TITLE -70 kgs Jordan Watson 69.50 kgs vs Sorgraw Petchyindee 69.40 kgs YOKKAO UK Ranking -72,50kgs Jake Purdy 72.10 kgs vs Kev Foster 71.60 kgs England vs Ireland -61.50kgs Myk Estlick 60.40 kgs vs Craig Coakley 60.10 kgs England vs Scotland -63kgs Chris Whittle 63.10 kgs vs Stewart Pringle 62.50 kgs YOKKAO UK Ranking -70kgs Joe Craven 69.20 kgs vs Harry Burton 68.60 kgs YOKKAO UK Ranking -72,50kgs Owen Trykowski 72.20 kgs vs Matthiew Crozier 71.70 kgs *** YOKKAO Next Generation *** Spencer Brown 61.10 kgs vs George Mouzakitis 60.90kgs William Sarwar 8.50 kgs vs Isaac Taylor 58.10 kgs Tamara Fallon 56.40 kgs vs Hannah Brady 55.80 kgs Grzegorz Kubiak 67.70 kgs vs Mike Farah 67.40 kgs Stuart Stabler 55.60 kgs vs Hassan Din 56.70 kgs Ashley Blakely 71.60 kgs vs John Henry Careslade 71.00 kgs

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