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Article: YOKKAO 24: Dakota Ditcheva talks Amy Pirnie!

YOKKAO 24: Dakota Ditcheva talks Amy Pirnie!

YOKKAO 24: Dakota Ditcheva talks Amy Pirnie!

Due to an injury that Dakota Ditcheva had sustained, the fight against Amy Pirnie was pulled from the YOKKAO 20 card. The battle for the UK N.1 spot, had fans from all over the world excited to see. Officially released few days ago on https://www.facebook.com/yokkao, YOKKAO Next Generation' fighter Amy Pirnie will take on Dakota Ditcheva at YOKKAO 24 in March at the Macron Stadium in Bolton. Below is Dakota’ statement about her injury and what it would mean to her if she won:

“I'm really excited for the fight already. By the time i actually get to March, it will feel like I've been training for years, just for this one fight. The excitement that built up last time before the fight was mad, not just for me but for the supporters. So now, having to wait even longer, is going to kill me. Before the last fight, I developed an injury to back and hamstrings. I first injured it when training in Thailand but i seem to have settled it through treatment. Soon after returning from Thailand, the injury came up again but a lot worse. I tried everything to get the injury sorted and tried my best to not pull out. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get it sorted quick enough for the fight. Nobody was more gutted than me. Everyone was quick to jump onto the fact they though I'd just chickened out but really, I think any fighter would have done the same as me. I was really excited for this fight and had a lot of cool things happening. I had BBC down to film at my house and coming to the fight, I also had ITV filming a document based on the fight so it was an important time. This is probably the biggest fight I'm going to have so I wanted to go into it at 100% and give the best fight I can. Amy's "the one to beat" at the moment and probably the top in the country at her weight. Everyone talks very highly of her so beating her would be a brilliant achievement for me. Being number one is what everyone works towards so when you finally get there, I feels goooodddd. YOKKAO put on some top class shows. The line ups are unreal and the fighters they bring over are on another level. They do shows all over, finding new talent everyone, I think there a real credit to the sport”

Below is Amy Pirnie's statement:

"“I always feel very well prepared for my fights, putting in tons of training time and continually improving/developing means no matter who is in front of me I am ready and this fight is no different. I was gutted that the fight was called off, but very pleased that it has be matched again. It's a fight that everyone wants to see so it had to be done! YOKKAO have personally helped me massively in terms of publicity which has lead to other big matches and good fights on their promotion! I think that the scale of YOKKAO is huge and it's making waves worldwide, fight quality on the shows are of the highest standard and that highlights the best side to the sport which in turn publicises and helps the growth.”

The fight is set for great things and will showcase the high standards YOKKAO always delivery to his fans.

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