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Article: YOKKAO 29 - 30: A Night of Non-stop Muay Thai Action

YOKKAO 29 - 30: A Night of Non-stop Muay Thai Action

YOKKAO 29 - 30: A Night of Non-stop Muay Thai Action

It was back once again - the biggest Muay Thai event in UK. The highly-anticipated YOKKAO 29 - 30 returns to Bolton Macron Stadium on March 10th for the best Muay Thai action. It was a night of vicious knockouts, gruelling battles, class acts and always a display of true martial arts spirit. With each fight, it was non-stop action right from the first bell to the last. The entire evening was an insane all-out war that kept the audience at the edge of their seats. This was something that cannot be compared as even fights in Thailand tend to have real action that begins only in the third and fourth rounds. YOKKAO UK has truly upped the ante and set a new industry standard for which to follow.

YOKKAO Next Generation

7 bouts warmed up the crowds sufficiently with 14 young, up-and-coming fighters from the region. Stuart Stabler, who was making his second appearance for Next Generation delivered a stunning first round knockout win over his opponent, Faisal Azimi. Another TKO win came from Lee Williams who was making his Next Generation debut. Lee struck down his opponent, with a series of low kicks that ended the fight via referee stoppage and securing him a place in the next event in October. The 2 knockouts set the tempo for the rest of the night.


The crowds were all on fire and the action went into full-gear with YOKKAO 29. Anton Austin kicked off the show in style with his YOKKAO debut, dishing out a TKO win over Isaac Taylor. Another YOKKAO debutant, Niall Brown continued the rampage: ending the fight with a corner stoppage to take home the win against Robbie Collins. Nothing quite prepare the spectators for what was to come in the main event.

KO of the Night: Jonathan Haggerty vs Keith McLachlan

Jonathan Haggerty and Keith McLachlan went into the YOKKAO 29 main event in a fight that was expected to go to the judges. It was a battle for the top UK ranking and neither of them was going to give up the spot. The exchange escalated quickly with the bell but ended almost just as rapidly with a finish that no one saw coming. Jonathan dropped Keith by a head kick to seal the deal in round 2, winning via a vicious KO.


The atmosphere was electric at this point and the fights that followed only served to crank the voltage up a few more notches. Not ready to be outdone, Craig Coakley served up a rib-cracking KO win for YOKKAO 30 against Chris Whittle and in round one, no less. There is little doubt that Chris Whittle will be asking for a rematch in time to come.

In the Spotlight: Spencer Brown vs Connor McNab

YOKKAO Fight Team’s very own Spencer Brown was looking to finish his own fight fast and add one to the night’s list of piling knockouts. He was up against another young fighter, Connor McNab who was making his YOKKAO debut. Spencer dominated the fight with his signature powerful punches but his tough opponent simply refused to go down. The 2 young Scotsmen gave the crowd an entertaining full 5 rounds with Spencer adding a well-deserving win via decision to his fight record while Connor earned a few black eyes to take home from the night.

Female Fight of the Night: Amy Pirnie vs Ilenia Perugini

UK top female fighter, Amy Pirnie never fails to deliver a stellar performance. Amy’s opponent, Ilenia Perugini was herself a strong fighter who fought with an immense heart. Nevertheless, Amy outclassed her opponent with her mastery of Muay Thai weapons to have a hand raised at the end with an unanimous decision.

Fight of the Night: Singdam YOKKAOSaenchaiGym vs Jack Kennedy

Singdam made his UK fight debut way back at YOKKAO 15 where he defeated local hero, Liam Harrison. After over 2 years of absence, he returned to British soil with the same conviction but it is worth noting that the fight was almost a no-show. Singdam had injured his leg 10 days before the fight, and the doctor’s order was for him to drop out of the fight. That went against the Thai spirit of not backing down and he continued to train minus the lower limbs workouts. He reasoned that he did not want to upset the fans and that he would only call off the fight if he can’t walk. A true embodiment of what it means to be a Nak Muay. So the fight went ahead and the Black Lion was up against the talented Jack Kennedy who had held an undefeated record on his last 5 YOKKAO UK outings. As the main event of the night, the resulting fight that ensued was every bit as intense as was promised. After 5 rounds of ferocious action and hard-fought war, the Black Lion proved to be the more experienced and better of the 2 with a win via decision. Time after time, YOKKAO has shown why it is the eminent Muay Thai promotion in the world and this was no exception. It has the slickest production, top fighters, and the strongest Muay Thai community who come together to make it work. YOKKAO 29 - 30 is now the talk of the town, with many fans marveled by the increasingly high standards of the fights. With yet another resounding success, preparations are already underway for a series of exciting YOKKAO events coming up over the next few months. Besides the YOKKAO Next Generation and Kids events, the Official YOKKAO UK Open will light up on 14-15th in the month of April. The event details will be announced in a separate news to follow. For those who wish to watch or relive the electrifying action on YOKKAO 29 - 30, stay connected with YOKKAO via social media. Look out for videos of the night’s fights in full HD glory that will soon be posted on YouTube. YOKKAO 30 Results

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs England 65kg Singdam YOKKAOSaenchaiGym won by points vs Jack Kennedy England vs Thailand 60kg Paul Karpowicz lost by points vs Ja Kiatphontip England vs Ireland 63.5kg Chris Whittle lost by KO vs Craig Coakley YOKKAO Next Generation Female Fight – 50kg Scotland vs Switzerland Amy Pirnie won by points vs Ilenia Perugini YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Scotland 63.5kg Spencer Brown won by points vs Connor McNab Scotland vs Ireland 68kg Brian Totty won by points vs Mohamed Kalf YOKKAO 29 Results YOKKAO Next Generation vs Scotland 59kg Jonathan Haggerty won by KO vs Keith McLachlan England vs England 60kg Myk Estlick won by points vs Luke Hill England vs England 55kg Dakota Ditcheva vs Hannah Brady DRAW England vs England 73kg Joe Craven won by points vs Ammari Diedrick England vs England 72.5kg Niall Brown won by TKO vs Robbie Collins England vs England 60kg Anton Austin won by TKO vs Isaac Taylor YOKKAO Next Generation Results Stuart Stabler won by KO vs Faisal Azimi 58kg B class Josh Hill won by points vs Jason O’Hara 63.5kg B Class Lee Williams won by TKO vs Kyle Rowlands 85kg C Class Dylan Furness lost by points vs Joe Turner 57kg B Class Nichola Sedden lost by points vs Jodie Clunan 59kg B Class Harris Hussain won by points vs Dom Hill 54kg B Class Rachel Traverse lost by points vs Daniel Butler 55kg C Class

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