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Article: YOKKAO 30: Panicos Yusuf Takes On Craig Coakley!

YOKKAO 30: Panicos Yusuf Takes On Craig Coakley!

YOKKAO 30: Panicos Yusuf Takes On Craig Coakley!

Great news for YOKKAO Muay Thai fans: after more than a year of absence from the YOKKAO ring, Panicos Yusuf is back again on YOKKAO 30! Panicos Yusuf is a modern legend in the UK Muay Thai scene and a household name in the region’s fight community. The 32 year old, Cyprus-born fighter has close to 2 decades of fighting experience and a long list of titles to match. Panicos has fought all around the world, even against many of the elite stadium fighters of Thailand. He now trains and fights out of Stockport’s All Powers Gym where he is a key figure and a Muay Thai coach. While the experienced fighter ventured in mma beginning last year, he signed up for the coming Muay Thai fight without any deliberation as the sport remains his number one passion.

As for his opponent, Craig Coakley is equally enthusiastic about the coming fight. The Irish top Nak Muay last appeared on YOKKAO 23 where he delivered a TKO win over opponent Myk Estlick. Fighting out of Dublin Combat Academy where he is also a Muay Thai coach, Craig’s aggressive style in the ring will put the pressure on Panicos to try and snatch another win for himself in the YOKKAO promotions. YOKKAO 29 - 30 is destined to be another classic in the making. Besides this newly-confirmed battle between Panicos Yusuf and Craig Coakley, 2 other stellar matchups have already created a lot of commotion from everyone in the community.

Announced last month, current YOKKAO World Champion -65kg Liam Harrison will defend his title against elite Thai fighter, Chamuaktong from the renowned PKSaenchai Gym while YOKKAO superstar Singdam faces UK fan-favorite Reece McAllister who is coming out of retirement to the fans’ delight. Tickets have already started selling like hotcakes since the last 2 fight announcements. YOKKAO events in the UK have consistently sold-out in the past and the coming show on March 10th 2018 looks to be no exception.

Grab your tickets now at https://www.asia.yokkao.com/events/yokkao-29-30-tickets/ for a night of the best Muay Thai action.

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