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Article: YOKKAO 30: Paul Karpowicz vs Ja Kiatphontip!

YOKKAO 30: Paul Karpowicz vs Ja Kiatphontip!

YOKKAO 30: Paul Karpowicz vs Ja Kiatphontip!

Another match up has been confirmed for YOKKAO 30 card and it looks to be a real cracking fight. Both stylistic fighters are known to put up rip-roaring shows - it’s British homegrown hero, Paul Karpowicz against Thai warrior, Ja Kiatphontip. Both Paul and Ja will be making their second appearance on an YOKKAO event - Paul fought and lost against Keith McLachlan on YOKKAO 13 while Ja took the win over Jonathan Haggerty on YOKKAO 28.

Regardless of the results, both fighters left a deep impression for their outstanding performances in their respective fights. Paul is a fluid fighter, well-known for his creativity and unpredictability in the ring that never fails to entertain the crowds. His nickname of “The Magician” says a lot of his fighting style. He is well-regarded within the community for his passion; Muay Thai is more than sport but an artform that he strives to perfect. Every opponent he meets takes him another step towards his goal. Ja comes Thailand but now fights out of Birmingham’s Kiatphontip Gym.

The experienced Thai fighter caught the attention of the local Muay Thai community last year when he defeated fan-favorite, Daniel McGowan to clinch the ICO World Championship Title -57 kg. He went on to win his fight against another local hero, Jonathan Haggerty and also bagging the Male Fighter of the Year award at Thaifighter.co.uk. Ja has definitely proven himself a force to be reckoned with in the UK Muay Thai scene. This upcoming fight certainly looks to be a real showstopper. Add that to the stellar fight card and YOKKAO 29 - 30 is bound to be an exhilarating night of heart-stopping action.

The current confirmed casting features Singdam vs Reece McAllister, Keith McLachlan vs Jonathan Haggerty, Craig Coakley vs Chris Whittle and female slugfest Amy Pirnie vs Ilenia Perugini. Mark the date on the calendar: YOKKAO 29-30 will be held on the 10th March 2018. YOKKAO events in the UK have regularly sold out in the past and this looks to be no exception too.

Tickets can be purchased at www.asia.yokkao.com/events/yokkao-29-30-tickets/. Watch this space and follow YOKKAO on social media for more announcements on the event.

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