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Article: YOKKAO 31 - 32 Weigh-In Results

YOKKAO 31 - 32 Weigh-In Results

YOKKAO 31 - 32 Weigh-In Results

Weigh-ins for YOKKAO 31 - 32 have gone off without a hitch and all 38 fighters in the 19 bouts are ready to go to war. The event will go live at the Bolton Macron Stadium at 14:30 local time. Stay tuned to the YOKKAO social media network to catch some of the action live and direct from Bolton.

Here are today's weigh-in results:

** YOKKAO 32 **

Thailand vs England 65kg
Rambo Phet Por Tor Aor 64.6kg vs Nathan Bendon 64.6kg

England vs Ireland 63.5kg
Jack Kennedy 64kg vs Craig Coakley 63.1kg

England vs England 72.5kg
Joe Craven 72.4kg vs Jake Purdy 72.2kg

England vs England 57kg
Jacob Smith 57kg vs Simon Forrest 56.9kg

England vs England 72.5kg
Niall Brown 70.8kg vs Craig Jones 72.3kg

England vs England 62kg
Adam Haslam 61.4kg vs Luke Hill 61.7kg

** YOKKAO 31 **

Thailand vs England 59kg
Superlek Kiatmoo9 59kg vs Jonathan Haggerty 59kg

Scotland vs England 72.5kg
Owen Trykowski 72.3kg vs Josh Turbill 71.2kg

Englands vs Northern Ireland 61.5kg
Myk Estlick 60.8kg vs Niall McGreevy

England vs England 58kg
Stuart Stabler 57.4kg vs Wade Sword 58.4kg

England vs England Female Fight 60kg
Niamh Kinehan 59.7kg vs Lucy Lister 58.8kg

England vs Greece
Josh Hill 63.8kg vs George Mouzakitis 63.6kg

** YOKKAO Next Generation **

Kieran Parton 58.5kg vs Darius Palma 59.4kg 60kg B class

John Wedderburn 69.5kg vs Cameron Quilty 67.7kg 69kg B class

John Wiggins 83kg vs Sam Brown 82.6kg 85kg C class

Kieron Lee 62.1kg vs Ben Clinch 64kg 64kg C class

Nils Goitom 53.4kg vs Corey McLachlan 53.9kg 54kg C class

Ryan Stockley 64.6kg vs David Borland 62.5kg 64kg C class

Daniel Charilou 58.4kg vs Liam Heames 59.1kg 60kg C class

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