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Article: YOKKAO 32: Joe Craven vs Jake Purdy

YOKKAO 32: Joe Craven vs Jake Purdy

YOKKAO 32: Joe Craven vs Jake Purdy

Get ready for a rib-cracking, bone-crushing showdown coming this 13th October at YOKKAO 31 - 32. It’s another explosive match-up as Joe Craven takes on fellow Englishman, Jake Purdy. Joe will stand guard for his position as the UK number 2 at 72.5kg against Jake Purdy who currently ranks one spot lower at number 3. It’s a race to the top of the chart and neither fighter is about to relent. Jake is a regular on YOKKAO UK official events and is set to make his fourth appearance at the upcoming show. With 3 wins out of all 3 YOKKAO appearances, the FSC gym fighter will be driven to continue his undefeated streak.

A well-known figure on the UK and international Muay Thai circuit, Jake already has his eyes set on the number 1 spot for a while. It’s 2 more fights to the top and Joe Craven will be the first standing in his way. Fighting out of the illustrious Bad Company gym in Leeds, Joe has already racked up 2 wins at YOKKAO 23 and 29 respectively. With campmates the likes of YOKKAO champions, Liam Harrison and Jordan Watson on his side, and training under renowned coach Richard Smith, Joe has a lot going for him. This is a confrontation that will not go down without a ferocious fight.

Aside from the Joe Craven-Jake Purdy 72.5kg clash, 4 world-class matchups have been confirmed with each fight worthy to be a headliner in its own right. The glorious fight card is now set to feature Superlek Kiatmoo9 vs Jonathan Haggerty, Liam Harrison vs Rambo Phet Por Tor Aor, Jack Kennedy vs Craig Coakley, and Mo Abdurahman vs Nathan Bendon. Tickets are selling fast and only limited seats are available for the 13th October event at Bolton Macron Stadium.

Get them now at https://www.asia.yokkao.com/events/yokkao-31-32-tickets/. Don’t miss out on the greatest Muay Thai event.

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