YOKKAO 33 - 34 Weigh-In Results

YOKKAO 33 - 34 Weigh-In Results

The YOKKAO 33 - 34 competitors arrived in Hong Kong on Saturday and after a restful night, the weigh-ins were carried out at the Camlux Hotel in the afternoon of October 28.

All 28 fighters made weight successfully for their respective bouts at the weigh-in press conference. WBC officials were also present to oversee the weigh-in for the welterweight champion title match competitors Manachai and Julio Lobo. Both fighters came in at 64.6kg for the fight that was set at 65kg.

YOKKAO 33 - 34 will be broadcasted via YOKKAO Facebook page live at 730pm local time.

Here are the complete weigh-in results:

** YOKKAO 34 **

WBC World Welterweight Title
YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Brazil 65kg
Manachai 64.6kg vs Julio Lobo 64.6kg

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs China 63.5kg
Spencer Brown 63.1kg vs Ji Duoyibu 63.3kg

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs France 68kg
Iquezang 67.6kg vs Abdelnour Ali-Kada 67.7kg

Hong Kong vs Russia 60kg
Ng King Chung 57.7kg vs Vladimir Lyikin 57.7kg

UK vs China 70kg
Alex Bublea 69.9kg vs Liang Yuanhao 69.4kg

Taiwan vs China 57kg
Yeh Lichih 56.3kg vs Zhang Yiqiang 56.8kg

China vs Japan 61kg
Zhuo Xianbin 60.9kg vs Atsuya Takashima 60.7kg

** YOKKAO 33 **

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Sweden 66kg
Singdam 65.5kg vs Mathias Jonsson 65.5kg

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Spain 61kg
Superlek 60.6kg vs Cristian Opazos 61.3kg

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs France 62kg
Yodchai 60.6kg vs Enzo Petricig 60.6kg

Hong Kong vs Russia 62kg
Wong Siu Hang Jayson 62kg vs Nikita Bazhitov 61kg

Italy vs Brazil 67kg
Christian Zahe 66.8kg vs Jordan Kranio 66.8kg

Hong Kong vs China 60kg
Leslie Wong 60kg vs Liu Wei 59.4kg

Hong Kong vs Hong Kong 63kg
Chui ZitCiu Jacky 62.3kg vs Lau Ka Ki 62kg

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