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Article: YOKKAO 37 - 38 Weigh -In Results

YOKKAO 37 - 38 Weigh -In Results

YOKKAO 37 - 38 Weigh -In Results

It's one more day to YOKKAO 37 - 38 and the fighters gathered this afternoon at the Bolton Macron Stadium for their weigh-ins. All 38 fighters have successfully made weight and ready for tomorrow's showdown.

The event is expected to kick off tomorrow with the undercard at 14:30pm local time and the main card will commence at 16:30pm. Connect with us via social media network to catch some of the action live and direct from Bolton. Here are today's weigh-in results:

** YOKKAO 38 **

Thailand vs Scotland 65kg
Rambo Phet Por Tor Aor 64.8kg vs Chris Shaw 65kg

Ireland vs England 63.5kg
Craig Coakley 63.4kg vs Mo Abdurahman 62.5kg

England vs England Female Fight 59kg
Niamh Kinehan 58.7kg vs Lucy Payne 57.9kg

England vs England 72.5kg
Joe Craven 71.9kg vs Chris Shaw 72kg

England vs England 57kg
Jacob Smith 56.9kg vs Reece Thomson 56.8kg

England vs England 60kg
Adam Haslam 60kg vs Michael Moore 59.6kg

** YOKKAO 37 **

Thailand vs England 61kg
Superbank Mor Rattanabandit 60.8kg vs Paul Karpowicz 61kg

England vs Scotland 72.5kg
Niall Brown 72.1kg vs Alex McGregor 71kg

England vs Scotland 64kg
Josh Hill 64.8kg vs Connor McNab 63.8kg

Scotland vs England 68kg
John Wedderburn 68.3kg vs Glyn Blackburn 68.1kg

England vs England 57kg
Anton Austin 57.3kg vs Stuart Stabler 57.3kg

** YOKKAO Next Generation **

Callum Connor 55.6kg vs Corey McLachlan 56kg 56kg C Class

Amy Ince 53.6kg vs Danielle Butler 52.4kg 54kg B Class

Ryan Stockley 65.8kg vs Erik Brew 66kg C Class

Harry Downs 78.1kg vs Dave Jacobs 79kg 80kg C Class

Matthew Jones 51.4kg vs Frankie Brimacombe 50.1kg 52kg C Class

David Borland 61kg vs James Laired 59.5kg 61kg C Class

Kieran Lee 61kg vs Lewis Lawton 61.9kg 62kg C Class

Nils Goitom 55.1kg vs Jamie Scott 56kg 57kg C Class

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