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Article: YOKKAO 39-40: Showdown in Sydney

YOKKAO 39-40: Showdown in Sydney

YOKKAO 39-40: Showdown in Sydney

It was a night that many Australian fight fans had been waiting for. YOKKAO 39 - 40 came and delivered a night of top-level Muay Thai action that local fans will be talking about for a while. Organized in partnership with Luis Regis and Eduardo Azambuja from SRG YOKKAO Affiliate Training Center Australia, the event brought in top fighters like Singdam, Superbank and Spencer from Thailand while showcasing many of the country's own fan-favorites and rising stars.

Having hosted three separate Next Generation shows in the past, YOKKAO 39- 40 marked the first full-fledged YOKKAO double event for the land down under. Australia has one of the most exciting Muay Thai scene outside of Thailand, producing many top athletes in the sport. On this occasion, the country proved its place in the global scene with high-quality, well-matched fights to rival the world's best.


The evening kicked off with a thrilling undercard bout before the cast of YOKKAO 39 took to the ring. The first main card fight featured a technical bout between Nakkawit Pakkawan and Anthony Trejo and the intensity only escalated from there on.

Fight of the Night:
Sarkis Doueihi draw vs Lee Fook

This was a fight with elbows flying all over the place, especially from the mohawk fighter, Lee Fook. Doueihi was left with a big upper lip cut just barely into the second round but he was not about to give up. The two fighters put on what was easily the best fight of the night in the remaining three rounds with neither side giving in. Despite the bleeding lip, Doueihi fought back for the judges score and went the full five rounds. Both fighters hand were raised for an undisputable draw.

KO of the Night:
Franz Sanchez vs Thomas Wilkins

This welterweight fight was the heaviest weight class of the evening and a fight that was headed for a trainwreck. Sanchez came into the fight holding nothing back, throwing elbows and looking for the kill. Wilkins fought back hard in the second round, rocking Sanchez with a few hard hooks but the latter was saved by the bell. Wilkins zoomed in for the win in round 3, knocking out Sanchez with a hard right hook from which there was no recovery.

Main Event:
Singdam YOKKAOSaenchaiGym vs Alexi Petroulias

Many Australian fans had come to see the Muay Thai legend in action and Singdam did not disappoint. The Black Lion threw a series of his famous hard right kicks, leaving Petroulias left ribs stinging red by the end of round 2. The Australian failed to finish with several spinning moves, and was dominated by his more experienced opponent. Petroulias went the distance but it was a clear, unanimous win for Singdam.


After a short intermission, YOKKAO 40 picked up from where YOKKAO 39 left off with more heart-stopping Muay Thai action.

Fight of the Night:
Jordie Bargailie vs Joe Coverdale

While Bargailie dominated most of the fight, Coverdale fought back hard and showed immense heart. The explosive fight almost concluded on a climatic note when Bargailie swift and perfectly-timed spinning back elbow caught Coverdale right in the kisser, leaving the latter down for the eight-count right at the final second. Coverdale picked himself up from the count and was saved by the bell but Bargailie victory had been sealed.

KO of the Night:
Spencer YOKKAOSaenchaiGym win vs Albert Xavier

In a fight that many had expected to go the distance, Spencer came and showed that he was not here to play. Round one played out at a casual pace, with both fighters feeling out their opponents. The action picked up in round 2 when the Body Snatcher unleashed a flurry of body shots with compounding effect as Xavier attempted to counter. Using a hard left body shot that sent Xavier onto the canvas and down for the 8 count, Spencer sealed the deal to clinch a sensational KO victory.

Main Event:
Superbank vs Zac Einersen

This was another highly-anticipated fight as it featured Muay Thai phenom and sweep specialist, Superbank. After his memorable performance at YOKKAO 38 in March, Superbank returned to make his second appearance for our promotion. The Muay Thai technician continued to work his magic in the ring through his confident stance, and usual composed style. Einersen proved himself with a main event-worthy performance but stopped short of winning. Superbank fought with a well-planned strategy, outscoring the Australian in the five rounds to seal the deal, and bagging another win for his record.

YOKKAO 39-40 concluded with a resounding success, driving the Australian Muay Thai scene forward and onto a higher level. We will next head to Dublin on 27 July for our next show which will feature Singdam and Spencer, along with Liam Harrison in the main events. More updates on the event will be announced soon. In the meantime, YOKKAO 39-40 can be viewed on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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@spencer_yokkao KO via body punches

** YOKKAO 40 **

Superbank won by points vs Zac Einersen

Spencer Brown won by KO (round 2) vs Albert Xavier

Singpayak PTJ Chombueng won by points vs Lloyd Dean

Jordie Bargailie won by points vs Joe Coverdale

Palungchok Mor. Rachabaht Chombueng draw vs Rhyse Saliba

** YOKKAO 39 **

Singdam won by points vs Alexi Petroulias

Sarkis Doueihi draw vs Lee Fook

Franz Sanchez lost by KO (round 3) vs Thomas Wilkins

Daniel Marshall lost by points vs Jamie Alleyne

Nattakit Pakkawan won by points vs Anthony Trejo

** YOKKAO Next Generation **

Adam Kaewphaluek lost by points vs Bailey Jackson

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