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Article: YOKKAO 39: Yodchai vs Quan Trinh

YOKKAO 39: Yodchai vs Quan Trinh

YOKKAO 39: Yodchai vs Quan Trinh

Another banging matchup has just been confirmed for YOKKAO 39 in Sydney. It's one WBC champion against another as Yodchai takes on Australian fighter, Quan Trinh.

Making his Australian debut at the coming YOKKAO 39, Yodchai has acquired an almost pristine record over the past year. His powerful kicks and technical precision have won him increasingly more fans around the world. After headlining a recent show at the distinguished Lumpinee stadium, the current WBC Lightweight Intercontinental champion will make his return to the YOKKAO stage in Sydney to face his Australian opponent, Quan Trinh.

Fighting out of Melbourne's 8 Blade Warriors, Quan is a WBC MuayThai Super-Lightweight Victorian (state) champion. Quan is known for his forward-moving style and delivering wars in the ring but can be technical when the situation calls for it.

This will either be a technical warfare or an electrifying all-out standoff - definitely the fight to watch for.

Yodchai and Quan will join their respective team mates, Singdam and Alexi Petroulias at YOKKAO 39 - 40. YOKKAO fight stars, Manachai and Spencer will also be making their fight appearances at the Sydney double event with their opponents to be announced in the coming week.

Organized with long-time partner, SRG Promotions, YOKKAO 39 - 40 looks set to make a splash and drive the Australian Muay Thai scene to the next level. Grab your tickets now at www.asia.yokkao.com/events/yokkao-39-40-sydney/.

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