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Article: YOKKAO 41-42 Weigh-In Results

YOKKAO 41-42 Weigh-In Results

YOKKAO 41-42 Weigh-In Results

It is just one day away from YOKKAO 41-42, set to be one of the biggest Irish Muay Thai shows of the year. The double event will be held at Dublin National Basketball Arena and with the undercard kicking off on Saturday, 27 July at 14:00 Ireland time.

The official weigh-ins were held today at the Green Isle Hotel and all fighters have successfully made weight for the show. A WBC official was also present at the conference to oversee the weight checks for Singdam and Craig Coakley who will be competing for the WBC Muay Thai Super-Lightweight Diamond championship belt.

Remember to follow us on our social media network to catch some of the action live and direct from Dublin. Here are the weigh-in results:

** YOKKAO 42 **

WBC Super-Lighweight Diamond Title
YOKKAO Thailand Team vs YOKKAO Fight Team Ireland 63.5kg
Singdam 63.3kg vs Craig Coakley 63.25kg

Ireland vs Ireland 70kg
Daryl Flood 68.8kg vs Garrett Smylie 68.9kg

Ireland vs Ireland 70kg
Stephen ONeil 67.5 vs Momo Kale 66.7kg

Ireland vs Ireland 65kg
George Hardy 64.4kg vs Dylan ODonovan 64kg

Ireland vs Ireland 65kg
Dommie Kelly 62.4kg vs Niall McGreevy 64.8kg

** YOKKAO 41 **

YOKKAO Fight Team England vs YOKKAO Fight Team Italy 65kg
Liam Harrison 65kg vs Cristian Faustino 63.3kg

YOKKAO Thailand Team vs Ireland 63.5kg
Spencer YOKKAOSaenchaiGym 63.5kg vs Isty Stefan Korodi 63.4kg

Ireland vs Ireland 79kg
Dylan Meagher 77kg vs Dan Bonner 79.4kg

Ireland vs Ireland 64kg
Tom Keogh 62.7kg vs Ben Carke 63.3kg

Ireland vs Ireland 68kg
Aaron Browne 66.5kg vs Jack Maguire 67.4kg

Ireland vs Ireland 65kg
Michael O'Donovan 63.4kg vs Kevin Kavanagh 63.2kg

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