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Article: YOKKAO 43-44: Night of Hard Knocks

YOKKAO 43-44: Night of Hard Knocks


YOKKAO 43-44 will be remembered as one of the most brutal shows in the promotion’s history with nearly half of the fights ending in knockouts. A total of 7 TKOs and 4 KOs make up the results of the stacked 21-bout double-event.

Thousands of fans showed up at the University of Bolton stadium for yet another sold-out show which was broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube around the world. Nine exciting bouts on the undercard got the crowds fired off with high-octane action from young, up-and-coming talents including YOKKAO Agency fighter, Ellie Barker.


The main card picked up steaming heat in no time with three back-to-back knockouts. Audiences were also treated to one of the most memorable bouts of the evening from Brian Totty and Jack Kennedy who put on a classic display of elite Muay Thai action.

KO of the Night:
Stuart Stabler vs Michael Moore

YOKKAO Agency fighter, Stuart Stabler has proven himself yet again as one of the most promising young fighters in the scene today. Michael Moore was no walkover but Stabler dominated the fight with superior ring control and punishing bodyshots. Moore was visibly hurt after the end of the first two rounds and Stabler came into the third with all Muay Thai weapons unleashed. The fight was called to a stop with the towel thrown in when Stabler dropped his opponent with an elbow just a minute into round 3. The 19-year-old picked up his 8th professional win for his pristine fight record.

Fight of the Night:
Yodchai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym vs Dean James

The YOKKAO 41 main event lived up to all expectations with non-stop back-and-forth action from the get-go. Dean James put on the pressure in round 3 and the fight erupted into a war of elbows with Yodchai getting cut above his left eyebrow and blood streaming down half his face. Leaving nothing to chance, Yodchai picked up the intensity. The Thai fighter came back strong to finish the fight with a vicious elbow that knocked James out cold in the third round, taking home the win in his UK debut.


After 4 knockouts, atmosphere at the University of Bolton stadium reached fever pitch. YOKKAO 44 resumed after a brief intermission with two technical clashes between Niall Brown vs Chris Shaw and Adam Haslan vs Pedro Ruiz. The knockouts resumed with fighters coming all-in and leaving nothing in the tank.

KO of the Night:
Niamh Kinehan vs Laura De Blas

Fan-favorite, Niamh Kinehan took on Spanish fighter, Laura De Blas for the co-main event. With the UK crowds behind her, Kinehan brought the action right off the bell. The English fighter went all-out from the start but the tough De Blas was not fazed. With about 30 seconds left to the end of round 3, Kinehan threw her signature head kick that sent the Spanish straight onto the canvas. After an eight-count, the referee called a stop to the fight. It’s a hattrick for Kinehan who marked her third appearance on our promotion with yet another stunning highlight-reel KO win.

Fight of the Night:
Jeremy Payet vs Craig Dickson

The night finished off strong with the main event bout between French fighter, Jeremy Payet who took on the more experienced Craig Dickson. In his second appearance for our promotion, Payet was determined to prove himself on the international stage. The Frenchman started off looking for the finish while Dickson took on a more traditional Thai stance. As the bout proceeded, Payet flooded his opponent with elbows, knees and body shots. Dickson took it all in good stride but whose strategy was ineffective under the ceaseless strikes. 2 minutes and 20 seconds into round 4 with numerous elbow-inflicted cuts on Dickson’s face, the referee called for a stop to the fight on the doctor’s orders and Payet walked away with a victorious Bolton debut.

YOKKAO 43-44 concluded on another high note and preparations for next March’s event in Bolton are already underway with UK fans reserving their tickets for the next show. Matchmaking has also started for YOKKAO 45-46 which is set to return to Turin, Italy on 26 January 2020. Look out for more details to be posted in the week ahead.

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** Supershowdown Presents YOKKAO 44 **

France vs Scotland 67kg
Jeremy Payet won by TKO vs Craig Dickson

England vs Spain 59kg
Niamh Kinehan won by KO vs Laura De Blas

England vs Scotland 71kg
Dan Butler lost by points vs Alex McGregor

England vs Spain 57kg
Jacob Smith won by TKO vs Manuel Gomez Rubio

England vs Spain 61kg
Adam Haslam draw vs Pedro Ruiz

England vs Scotland 72.5kg
Niall Brown won by points vs Chris Shaw

** Supershowdown Presents YOKKAO 43 **

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs England 61kg
Yodchai YokkaoSaenchaiGym won by KO vs Dean James

Scotland vs England 65kg
Brian Totty draw vs Jack Kennedy

England vs Ireland 67kg
Josh Hill vs Niall McGreevy

England vs Scotland 58kg
Stuart Stabler won by TKO vs Michael Moore

England vs England 76kg
Dan Bonner won by TKO vs Prince Owuh

England vs Ireland 70kg
Glyn Blackburn lost by TKO vs Garrett Smylie

** YOKKAO Next Generation **

Lee Williams won by TKO vs Davyd Taylor 85kg C Class

Elliot Gray won by KO vs Tom Coughlan 88kg C Class

Ellie Barker won by points vs Mckenna Wade 51kg C Class

Ryan Stockley won by KO vs Harry Keys 63.7kg 65kg B Class

Josh Thomas won by TKO vs Dom Tolly 62kg C Class

Matthew Jones won by points vs Alex Kenton 52kg C Class

Danny Ronan lost by points vs Jake Nicholas 62kg C Class

Charlotte Derbyshire won by points vs Beth Inskip 52kg C Class

Alex Jones won by points vs Kieran Hilditch 54kg C Class

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