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Article: YOKKAO 45-46 Weigh-in Results

YOKKAO 45-46 Weigh-in Results

It is just one more day to YOKKAO 45-46 fight night on 25 January at the PalaRuffini arena. All competitors arrived today at Hotel Concord Torino for the official weigh-ins and successfully made weight for the event.

In the main event and spotlight, living legend, Saenchai will fight Italian fighter, Shan Cangelosi for the inaugural YOKKAO Diamond Championship title. Other notable bouts on the fight card include Singdam vs Christian Zahe, Manachai vs Pasquale Amoroso, Yodchai vs Alessandro Sara and Faipha vs Cristian Faustino.

YOKKAO Kids is set to kick off a full day of Muay Thai action beginning at 9:00am with over a hundred junior bouts confirmed. The Next Generation undercard is expected to kick off at 15:00pm local time with the main card commencing at around 19:00pm. Connect with us via social media network to catch the action live and direct from Turin, Italy. In the meantime, here is the confirmed fight card along with the weigh-in results:

** YOKKAO 46 **

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Italy -65kg
Saenchai Pk Saenchaimuaythaigym 66kg vs Shan Cangelosi 66kg

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Italy -65kg
Manachai Yokkaosaenchaigym 65kg vs Pasquale Amoruso 65kg

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs YOKKAO Fight Team Italy -65kg
Faipha Yokkaosaenchaigym 65kg vs Cristian Faustino 65kg

France vs Italy -85kg
Jeanne Jacky 83.7kg vs Luca Andreani 85kg

Italy vs Italy -70kg
Martin Meoni 70.5kg vs Filippo Solheid 70.9kg

Italy vs Italy - 63.5kg
Riccardo Cristiani 61.6kg vs Jonathan Astarita 63.5kg

Italy vs France -70kg
Tiziano Campus 70kg vs Damien Cazambo 70kg

** YOKKAO 45 **

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Italy -65kg
Singdam Yokkaosaenchaigym 65kg vs Christian Zahe 65kg

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Italy -61kg
Yodchai Yokkaosaenchaigym 61kg vs Alessandro Sara 61kg

France vs Italy -52kg
Juliette Lacroix Brizon 52kg vs Jleana Valentino 52kg

Mexico vs Italy -60kg
Jose Tuzo 60.1kg vs Rustam Vyntu 60.1kg

Italy vs Italy -72.5kg
Yao Agbetiafa 72.5kg vs Francesco Laquale 72.0kg

Italy vs Italy -88kg
Rovelli Paolo 88kg vs Michele Mastromatteo 87.5kg

Egypt vs Italy -65kg
Taha El Makarem 67kg vs Ruben Sciortino 67.5kg

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