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Article: YOKKAO 47-48 Full Fight Card Confirmed

YOKKAO 47-48 Full Fight Card Confirmed

It’s time to count down as it is just days away from YOKKAO 47-48 taking place on Saturday, March 7 in Bolton, UK.

A full day of Muay Thai action is installed with back-to-back fights lined up from morning onwards. The made-for-junior YOKKAO Kids program will take the lead with 20 bouts, followed by 10 exciting match-ups on the Next Generation card before the main show kicks off.

Besides the regular UK casting, YOKKAO 47-48 will also welcome a few foreign faces including Noel Gomis and Stephanie Page from France, Mexico’s Joshua Tuzo Cruz, as well as Spain’s Manuel Rubio and Khyzer Hayat Nawaz. Cruz made an impression with a technical while Rubio delivered a war at the last Bolton event against Jacob Smith.

Making their first YOKKAO appearances, Gomis will clash with Brian Totty in the co-main event while Page comes in to face the unstoppable Niamh Kinehan. Also a fresh face on our promotion, Khyzer “The Destroyer” steps in on short notice to fight Harrison in the main event. The three highly-anticipated bouts join a list of other top-billing acts including Niall Brown, Joe Craven, Stuart Stabler, Jonn Chipchase, Adam Haslam and many more.

There’s still time to grab the last tickets to catch the action live at the University of Bolton stadium. Just head over to https://www.asia.yokkao.com/pages/yokkao-47-48. Stay connected with us via our social media pages for livestream details (not available in the UK). Here’s a look at the main card and undercard line-up:

** YOKKAO 48 **

YOKKAO Fight Team UK vs Spain 63.5kg
Liam Harrison vs Khyzer Hayat Nawaz

England vs France 61kg
Niamh Kinehan vs Stephanie Lelo Page

England vs England 72.5kg
Niall Brown vs Joe Craven

England vs Mexico 61kg
Adam Haslam vs Joshua Tuzo Cruz

YOKKAO Agency UK vs England 58.9kg
Stuart Stabler vs Jonno Chipchase

England vs England 79kg
Daniel Bonner vs James Ogden

** YOKKAO 47 **

Scotland vs France 65kg
Brian Totty vs Noel Gomis

England vs England 70kg
Josh Hill vs Jack Cooper

England vs England 61kg
Myk Estlick vs Simon Forrest

England vs England 69kg
Glyn Blackburn vs Jack Maguire

England vs Spain 58kg
Anton Austin vs Manuel Rubio

** YOKKAO Next Generation **

Elliot Gray vs Adam Holden 90kg

Ellie Barker vs Charlotte Derbyshire 51kg

Ryan Stockley vs Nassim Ben Faleh 63.5kg

Matthew Jones vs Ivo Klein 53kg

Luke Kaufman vs Jason O’Hara 63.5kg

Alex Jones vs Frankie Brimacombe 53kg

Joe Hughes vs Will Buckley 60kg

David Borland vs Ricky Flint 62kg

Dom Kevan vs Scott Stewart 82.5kg

Haydon Armstrong vs Aiden Forster 70kg

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