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Article: YOKKAO 47-48 Weigh-in Results

YOKKAO 47-48 Weigh-in Results

It is time again for an evening of Muay Thai action at the University of Bolton Stadium in the UK. Just one more day to fight night, all competitors for YOKKAO 47-48 arrived today for the official weigh-ins.

The undercard is expected to kick off tomorrow March 7 at 14:30 local time with the main card commencing at around 16:30. For fans outside of the UK, you can catch the action live via social media (not available in the UK). Here’s a look at the weigh-in results:

** YOKKAO 48 **

YOKKAO Fight Team UK vs Spain 63.5kg
Liam Harrison 63.4kg vs Khyzer Hayat Nawaz 64.1kg

England vs France 61kg
Niamh Kinehan 60.6kg vs Stephanie Lelo Page 59.2kg

England vs England 72.5kg
Niall Brown 71.4kg vs Joe Craven 72.1kg

England vs Mexico 61kg
Adam Haslam 60.9kg vs Joshua Tuzo Cruz 61.3kg

YOKKAO Agency UK vs England 58.9kg
Stuart Stabler 59kg vs Jonno Chipchase 58kg

England vs England 79kg
Daniel Bonner 78.9kg vs James Ogden 77.4kg

** YOKKAO 47 **

Scotland vs France 65kg
Brian Totty 64.7kg vs Noel Gomis 62.7kg

England vs England 70kg
Josh Hill 69.9kg vs Jack Cooper 70.3kg

England vs England 61kg
Myk Estlick 61.2kg vs Simon Forrest 60.8kg

England vs England 69kg
Glyn Blackburn 68.7kg vs Jack Maguire 69kg

England vs Spain 58kg
Anton Austin 58kg vs Manuel Rubio 57kg

YOKKAO 47: Brian Totty vs Noel Gomis

YOKKAO 48: Niamh Kinehan vs Stephanie Page

YOKKAO 48: Niall Brown vs Joe Craven

YOKKAO 48: Stuart Stabler vs Jonno Chipchase

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