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Article: YOKKAO 49 - 50: Full Fight Card Confirmed

YOKKAO 49 - 50: Full Fight Card Confirmed

The UK's biggest and most prestigious Muay Thai event is back this Sunday, 8th August at the University of Bolton Stadium. YOKKAO 49-50 brings together a cast of many of the UK’s top Muay Thai athletes and fighters from the region for a full day of combat sports action.

The back-to-back main cards will feature many YOKKAO regulars and fan-favorites including Jacob Smith, Brian Totty, Nathan Bendon, Adam Haslam, Anton Austin, and a faceoff between two of UK’s best: Chris Shaw and Panicos Yusuf. Two female bouts will also be in the spotlight with YOKKAO debutants Meg Corwell taking on Rhona Walker, as well as KO queen Niamh Kinehan facing off against the Italian, Chiara Vincis.

YOKKAO 49-50 will be headlined by two-time YOKKAO world champion, Jordan Watson against Spanish champion, Fran Valderrama. The coming event marks the highly-anticipated return of Watson who will be stepping onto the YOKKAO stage after nearly 4 years.

Other than the official event, a full day of Muay Thai action has been scheduled with junior fighters gracing the stage at YOKKAO Kids in the morning and YOKKAO Next Generation as the pre-show to the main card.

All ringside and silver tickets are officially sold out and only limited bronze tickets are available for YOKKAO 49-50 at https://www.asia.yokkao.com/pages/yokkao-49-50.

In the meantime, here’s a look at the full fight card for YOKKAO 49-50:

** YOKKAO 50 **

England vs Spain 71kg
Jordan Watson vs Francisco Valderrama

England vs Italy 61kg
Niamh Kinehan vs Chiara Vincis

England vs England 82.5kg
Lee Williams vs Scott Stewart

England vs Scotland 63.5kg
Nathan Bendon vs Brian Totty

England vs England 62kg
Myk Estlick vs Matty Holleran

** YOKKAO 49 **

Scotland vs Cyprus 63.5kg
Chris Shaw vs Panicos Yusuf

England vs Scotland 52.5kg
Meg Corwell vs Rhona Walker

England vs England 70kg
Josh Hill vs Jack Maguire

England vs England 60kg
Adam Haslam vs Anton Austin

England vs England 53.5kg
Yannick Goitom vs Tyree Stevens


Luke Kaufman vs Jocky Flood 65kg

Ryan Stockley vs Lewis Wheddon 66kg

Joe Ryan vs Uzzy 72kg

Anthony Deary vs James MacDonald 57kg

Kieron Lee vs David Borland 62kg

Ellie Barker vs Tamzin 50kg

Matthew Jones vs Joe Le Maire 53.5kg

Sam Stevens vs William Harris 54kg

Joe Hughes vs Luke Colbert 61kg

Connor Bourne vs Sydney Tyler 64kg

Dylan Sheridan vs Jake Duthie 68kg

Amy Cavaleri vs Ellie Burr 73kg

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