YOKKAO Best of the Best 10 Full Fight Card

SInce its debut at the start of April, YOKKAO Best of the Best livestream series is now at its 10th edition this coming Saturday, 9th April.

The upcoming showcase features an all-star cast including athletes from the YOKKAO Fight Team as well as some of Thailand’s best elite fighters. Look out for world-class matchups with notable appearances by Superlek, Manachai, Singdam and the historical YOKKAO Diamond Championship bout starring the living legend, Saenchai.

Join us at the YOKKAO Best of the Best volume 10 livestream on Facebook and YouTube this Saturday, 9 May at 8pm UK / LA 12pm / NY 3pm / BKK +1 2am. Here’s a look at the full fight card below: 

  1. YOKKAO 31: Superlek vs Jonathan Haggerty

  2. YOKKAO 40: Superbank vs Zac Einersen

  3. YOKKAO 25: Yodchai vs Ng King Chung

  4. YOKKAO 17: Manachai vs Luke Turner

  5. YOKKAO 35: Spencer vs Luca Roma

  6. YOKKAO 30: Singdam vs Jack Kennedy

  7. YOKKAO 46: Saenchai vs Shan Cangelosi


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