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Article: YOKKAO Breaking into the Market with Latest Innovation to Kicking Pads!

YOKKAO Breaking into the Market with Latest Innovation to Kicking Pads!

YOKKAO Breaking into the Market with Latest Innovation to Kicking Pads!

Thanks to the recent opening of the new factory and the expansion into R&D by creating a specialized team, Yokkao breaks into the fight market with the first of it's innovative equipment targeting fans of Muay Thai and MMA worldwide.


After several months of product development and testing in collaboration with the best trainers and fighters of Thailand, Yokkao launches into the market the brand new never before made, Yokkao Curved Kicking Pads 100% handmade in Thailand from premium quality leather and five well distributed layers of absorption. Officially approved by the Yokkao Fight Team and now in use, the pads are previewing at Yokkao Training Center in Pattaya (Sityodtong), Bangkokg 13 Coins and PK SaenchaiMuayThaiGym, Sidney (SRG Yokkao Training Center), China, Korea, Malaysia, Republic of San Marino and the UK (Bad Company Gym Leeds). The Yokkao Curved Kicking Pads beat all records for pre-orders from the Yokkao House.

Theerapol Krudpayoon, manufacturing production manager states: "...the new curved pads are the result of a team effort, a team representing the real Muay Thai. Relating to the well distributed and consistent layering of the absorption properties of the pads and proper curvature, we worked closely with Saenchai, Kongsak and Pakorn, fighters that do not need any introduction and who use of kicking pads is daily. We have adopted five different layers of absorption each designed with varying texture that when combined produce the perfect result for training and shin conditioning.

To protect the arms when training we consulted with Kru Toy Sityodtong and the coaches from Sityodtong camp. In our prototyping phase we tested the kicking pads at over 10 training camps throughout Thailand with fighters from multiple weight categories. The materials used are of the highest quality, these kicking pads are unlike any other, made of tanned leather with the higher resistance than your standard grade, both in the actual part where the pads take the impact along with the sides and back. After months of work, we are happy to say that the new Yokkao Curved Pads are a product of which we are very proud."

Below the elements which characterize the new Yokkao Curved Pads: -No Sharp Edge and Ankle -Arm Impact Absorption -High Quality Leather -5 Pre-Curved Foam Systems -Curved Design Increases Leg Strikes Performance The brand new Yokkao Curved Pads are available in authorized Yokkao Shops and online at our website, https://www.asia.yokkao.com/shop P.S. At the moment you can buy Yokkao products at www.asia.yokkao.com/shop with shipping from Thailand to all countries except Hong Kong, China, Australia, Malaysia, England, Ireland, Sweden, Brazil and Italy. Enjoy the shopping!

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