YOKKAO Creates One-Of-A-Kind Boxing Gloves for Wiz Khalifa

YOKKAO Creates One-Of-A-Kind Boxing Gloves for Wiz Khalifa

The YOKKAO Team and Muay Thai living legend, Saenchai are in Los Angeles enroute to Canada for a 3-day YOKKAO Seminar tour. Through special arrangements, the YOKKAO team hosted a private seminar with Saenchai for American rap star, Wiz Khalifa at the city's renowned Unbreakable Performance Center. Over the past year or so, Wiz Khalifa has been spending a large chunk of his time working out at the gym, and getting serious in training Muay Thai. The mixed martial arts practitioner has now expressed his interest in competing in the sport which has generated an overwhelming response from both his fans as well as fight enthusiasts.

YOKKAO took the opportunity to present Wiz Khalifa with a one-of-a-kind boxing gloves created specially for the rapper. Featuring Wiz’s name in graffiti-style fonts, and designs inspired by heavily-inked star’s tattoos, the stylish gloves are certainly befitting the trendsetting celebrity. It's no surprise that YOKKAO has received non-stop enquiries on the gloves' release date since they were posted on Instagram. YOKKAO gear is the climactic crossover between fashion and combat sports. The brand has always been a step ahead of its time in the fight industry when it comes to style and trends, but it has only just begun. Watch out for more exciting and groundbreaking products from YOKKAO in the days ahead.

Win Some, Lose Some @wizkhalifa ? #muaythai

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