Trend of the Year: YOKKAO Customized Muay Thai Gloves with Your Name!

YOKKAO Customized Muay Thai Gloves

The newest trend to hit the Muay Thai Community is the YOKKAO Muay Thai Glove customization with your name in 3D embroidery on your choice of velcro closure or on lace-ups on the palm of the hand. News has gone viral throughout the web with Muay Thai lovers crashing the website with views peaking last Wednesday. YOKKAO production manager, Theerapol Krudpayoon stated: “We have always been impressed by how many people desire our boxing gloves and how they much they like them. We are proud to be the first Muay Thai brand in the World to introduce the possibility for customizing your boxing gloves with your own name of choice. We created the Muay Thai Trend of the Year."

At the newly renovated YOKKAO Online Shop, Muay Thai lovers will have the possibility to customize their favorite YOKKAO Boxing Gloves and Shorts with their name or their intials. Below follow the easy instructions for customizing your gear today: - Find your favorite YOKKAO Boxing Gloves or Muay Thai Shorts - Choose your size - Select right or left leg and type your name/initials - Select the letter coloring Be the first to wear unique handmade Muay Thai Gloves and Shorts by YOKKAO!

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