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Article: YOKKAO set to dominate the Muay Thai social media-sphere!

YOKKAO set to dominate the Muay Thai social media-sphere!


Together with its fighters, and international distributors and retailers, YOKKAO reaches more than 10 million fans every month across various social media platforms. YOKKAO fight team members such Muay Thai legend, Saenchai, multi-time Lumpinee Champion Singdam, new talent Manachai, along with YOKKAO World Champions Liam Harrison and Jordan Watson, are all social media users. They regularly posts photos and videos of their training and personal life, which they share via their official Facebook page and Instagram. In February this year, CNN international spotlighted on the YOKKAO brand. The CNN filming crew went down to the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok as well as the manufacturing headquarters in Samut Prakan to shoot a feature that was part of their “Made in Thailand” series. The series showcased 5 up and coming businesses in Thailand and was broadcasted on the international news channel around the globe in over 200 countries.

Following the exposure on CNN, YOKKAO hosted another 2 of the biggest names in media in April, namely, National Geographic and Wall Street Journal. Production crews from the 2 media outfits spent two days filming for an upcoming show, having elected YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok as the focal point of the segment on Muay Thai. Once again solidifying the brand’s place as a one of the best facilities for training Muay Thai. One of YOKKAO’s most prominent recent exposures was being featured by SPORTbible earlier this month in June. The sports news social media giant reposted some YOKKAO training videos on their Instagram account and Facebook page. The videos, which featured Manachai going hard at training, garnered over 2 million views on their Facebook page alone.

YOKKAO’s social media success can be attributed to the brand’s mission of delivering high grade content for Muay Thai fans around the world. Working with a team of professional photographers, videographers, designers and writers, YOKKAO is driven to produce only rich quality content for its growing number of social media followers. YOKKAO believes in the importance of staying connected with its fans regularly and will remain committed in reaching out via social media in the days ahead. Stay connected with YOKKAO via its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for the latest news, product releases and all things Muay Thai! https://www.facebook.com/yokkao/videos/1428649637154500/

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