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Article: YOKKAO EXTREME innovative collection: a limited edition!

YOKKAO EXTREME innovative collection: a limited edition!

YOKKAO EXTREME innovative collection: a limited edition!

News for 2015, already on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will be the YOKKAO EXTREME collection. The collection just as the name says, is set to create an extreme Muay Thai and MMA equipment designed by high public demand that prefers high quality products to cost savings. A collection who only a few will be able to afford as the cost is higher than the normal line of YOKKAO collections.

To inaugurate the YOKKAO EXTREME collections there will be the YOKKAO EXTREME V-Evo Muay Thai Gloves together with YOKKAO Rash Guard-Xtra Cool and YOKKAO EXTREME Silver Carbon Muay Thai shorts. Tested at the new Training Center Yokkao PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym, the gear was used for training while shooting with the cameras of Rocket Media BKK.

The gloves, YOKKAO EXTREME V-EVO were immediately approved by the top Muay Thai fighter of the likes of Saenchai, Pakorn and Prajanchay. The Muay Thai gloves are made of premium genuine cowhide leather of the highest quality with two new tannings: matte black and fluorescent green. The inside of the gloves have been completely redesigned and equipped with a guaranteed optimized transpirant system. On the back of the hand, the material used to cover the inside is able to ensure the comfort without equal and it's the same used under YOKKAO EXTREME Rash Guards.

To ensure the correct transpiration, YOKKAO has developed a soft plastic protective net guarantee inside transpiration with a fine thick perforated pillow designed to absorb sweat and let it transpire outside through the net shell. The profiles of the gloves are made of Carbon Silver, the same Carbon Silver that pays homage to the motif of YOKKAO EXTREME Muay Thai Shorts Carbon Silver.

After the success of YOKKAO Carbon shorts, hopelessly imitated by all the other Muay Thai brands, YOKKAO launches the latest YOKKAO EXTREME Carbon Shorts, made with the famous and very rare material Carbon, but this time, in silver. In addition the word in Green Fluo YOKKAO is written across the center.

The Rash Guard YOKKAO Extreme Xtra Cool is made of hybrid combination of quality spandex and lycra. They can offer a perfect transpiration and compression of the body increasing the quality of your training.(coming soon at yokkao.com) Three unique products linked by a common thread: innovative materials of the highest quality.

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