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Article: YOKKAO Factory Expands to Adjacent Property

YOKKAO Factory Expands to Adjacent Property

YOKKAO Factory Expands to Adjacent Property

Prompted by the increasing demand for its product, YOKKAO has just expanded to the adjacent factory next to their current facility. The production operations are set to be installed on the new 30,000 square-feet compound.

In terms of quality and design, we are going in an upward direction. In fact, the demand has had an unprecedented increase in the last few years. The new factory will give us the possibility to increase production, while maintaining a high-quality control as well as better logistic management. said YOKKAO production manager, Pinyada Kasetpibaln.

YOKKAO products are currently available in 23 countries, with 2 warehouses in Asia and Europe to cater to the respective continents. The third warehouse in US will be opened this year to better service the North American markets.

Besides the new warehouse and the expansion of the factory, YOKKAO has a few more plans in the pipeline. YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok will undergo a renovation to accommodate the increasing number of visitors. On top of that, the YOKKAO team is also working on a yet to be disclosed major project that will take Muay Thai into a new era. Stay tuned for further developments.

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