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Article: YOKKAO Featured On DHL Business Spotlight

YOKKAO Featured On DHL Business Spotlight

YOKKAO Featured On DHL Business Spotlight

With 70% of YOKKAO product sales coming from online purchases by overseas customers, a reliable worldwide delivery service is vital to its success. From the brand early beginnings, YOKKAO has relied on DHL Express for its logistics needs and the partnership continues to this day.

Last month, DHL made a very special visit to YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. A production crew arrived to film and interview YOKKAO key person Stefania Picelli who shared about the brand global business as well as the sport of Muay Thai. An article titled Championing Muay Thai: A Local Manufacturer Journey to Becoming A Global Brand has now been released based on the interview. It is published on DHL Logistics of Things website that highlights market trends and showcases impactful businesses in the global economy.

The article reveals insights into Stefania early contact with Muay Thai, YOKKAO corporate philosophy and how it has grown to become a household name in fight sports. One of the key takeaways from the article is the brand pragmatic product development process. As mentioned in the article, YOKKAO fighters and trainers are akin to being gatekeepers when it comes to product releases. New gear and equipment are tested on the ground at the YOKKAO Training Center, and products are introduced into the market only when the gatekeepers give the approval. This ensures that only high-quality products reach the hands of customers.

YOKKAO continues to grow with a number of major projects in the works as well as some exciting ones down the pipeline which will be announced in the months ahead. In the meantime, visit logisticsofthings.dhl/championing-muay-thai-a-local-manufacturers-journey-to-becoming-a-global-brand/ to learn more about Muay Thai appeal as a global sport, YOKKAO success and how the partnership with DHL has contributed to the brand expanding global outreach.

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