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Article: Check Out the All-New YOKKAO Full Catalog for 2017/2018

Check Out the All-New YOKKAO Full Catalog for 2017/2018

Check Out the All-New YOKKAO Full Catalog for 2017/2018

The official YOKKAO catalog for 2017/2018 season is out now. Featuring the complete range of high quality products from the YOKKAO inventory, the catalog is decked out in full glorious colors with gorgeous photos and detailed item description. It’s the classic fashion lookbook, Muay Thai style. 2017 has been one of the most exciting years in YOKKAO product history with the release of the well-received matching collections such as Sick, Frost and Monster. More than any other brand in the industry, YOKKAO has constantly pushed the boundaries of fight gear with the most cutting-edge products.

The YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok has been pivotal in the development and improvement of the products. For over two hours twice a day, six days a week, every week and month of the year, the YOKKAO gear and equipment undergo the hardest challenge in the hot, humid environment of Thailand. On the ground daily, instant feedback is received from the fighters and trainers equipped with the gear and apparel. The products are put to the test by real users on a daily basis and not just workers in the factory. Above all else, YOKKAO puts itself out in the community with regular communication with the fans. The company values the constructive feedback provided by the users and always take it seriously.

The result is a continual improvement in the choice of materials and workmanship that meet the needs of nothing short of the best athletes in the world. There have been reports of technical issues with regards to the quality of some YOKKAO products from previous years. This was attributed to an overwhelming demand and the previous factory was unable to meet the large orders with high quality products. After the opening of the new 1000sqm production facility in Samut Prakan area, all issues were quickly rectified. A dedicated R&D team now oversees the operations, consisting of veterans with over 30 years of experience in the Muay Thai industry.

This is a team of combined expertise that isn’t something you can find easily in Thailand and they are committed to creating the best fight gear for fans around the world. Nothing but the best. View the catalog now and take your pick from the extensive collection of premium training products from YOKKAO.

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