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Article: YOKKAO GAMES: Challenge Yourself and Win $$$!

YOKKAO GAMES: Challenge Yourself and Win $$$!

YOKKAO GAMES: Challenge Yourself and Win $$$!

For a few months now, a rumor began of a new promotion by YOKKAO Boxing enabling it to generate what will become the strongest great community to the world of Muay Thai. Today it is Official: Shortly announcing the first date of the YOKKAO GAMES. The YOKKAO GAMES are the latest innovative promotion by YOKKAO Boxing that will push athletes, fans and martial artists beyond their limits through training programs which will be known as YOKKAO Workouts, designed by famous Muay Thai and functional training coaches.

YOKKAO Workouts will be made up of a range of strength and conditioning training combined with Muay Thai. They will be based on developing the 10 General Physical Skills (GPS) for optimizing physical competence during Muay Thai fights: – cardiovascular endurance – stamina – strength – flexibility – power – speed – coordination – agility – balance – accuracy


YOKKAO games will be held once every year over the course of 5 weeks. During these weeks, fighters and athletes from YOKKAO Training Centers and Gyms from round the world will be given the chance to enter into the biggest Muay Thai workout competition of the world. YOKKAO Workouts will be released each Tuesday at www.Games.Yokkao.com with competitors having until the following Monday to submit their scores. ALL ATHLETES FROM AROUND THE WORLD will have the possibility to join the YOKKAO Games.


No weight categories, only two divisions: Male and Female.


1) Athletes performances will be validated at YOKKAO Training Centers.

2) In the event athletes are not members of YOKKAO Training Centers, they can upload their YOKKAO Workout training videos onto Youtube sending the video link to games@yokkao.com to get validated. Anyone who is at least 14 years old can sign up and join the YOKKAO Games.


Scoring will be outlined by each workout workout and listed with all names and nationalities at Games.Yokkao.com


In the first season the overall winner will get 2,000 USD cash prize. Athletes interested to join the contest can contact us at games@yokkao.com to receive more info and news!

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