YOKKAO Gang: Pakorn, Saenchai, Prajanchai Raise the Roof at Aspire Club Bangkok!

Roof at Aspire Club Bangkok

The rain has not stopped the YOKKAO Gang's morning training at the famous Aspire Club BKK. YOKKAO World champion Pakorn, the legend of Muay Thai Saenchai, 2014 Lumpinee Champion Prajanchai, coordinated by the YOKKAO strength/conditioning trainer Ror Alexander and supervised by Stefania Picelli along with the lovely YOKKAO Rocket Dog. On site, shooting everything was cameras from Rocket Media BKK, a company which YOKKAO Boxing became a shareholder in last December, 2014. After a proper warm-up designed by Aspire Club Fitness Trainers, Saenchai, Pakorn and Prajanchai have begun trialling with the latest YOKKAO Combat Bands. The Combat Bands are made of four elastic bands made of the highest quality material which can simultaneously optimize strength and conditioning training for punches and kicks or punches and knees.

YOKKAO Combat Bands' testing passed successfully, the bands will be available online very soon at YOKKAO Muay Thai Shop or by visiting any of our regional YOKKAO distributors. The morning ended up with the YOKKAO Games Workout 12.6, the second YOKKAO Workout which saw the participation of YOKKAO World Champion Pakorn PKSaenchaimuaythaigym and Prajanchai, assisted by YOKKAO Strength and Conditioning Trainer Ror Alexander together with Muay Thai Living Legend Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym. Results to be uploaded at YOKKAO Games while videos will be available soon at YOKKAO Youtube and YOKKAO's Instagram profile

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