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Article: Why does YOKKAO have The Most Competitive Price in the Market?

Why does YOKKAO have The Most Competitive Price in the Market?


YOKAKO's Account executive Nat Kanokwan explains why YOKKAO has the most competitive price in the market: "Over the last few years, YOKKAO has risen to become a powerhouse brand in the world of Muay Thai. From international fight promotions, to world-class seminars, to the best social media content, no other brand in Muay Thai is as prolific as YOKKAO.

"YOKKAO remains most committed to developing cutting edge products to cater to the global fight community. Handmade in Thailand by professional craftworkers, YOKKAO gear is unrivaled in terms of quality and design. Premium gear and equipment sales remains at the core of the brand’s focus and by streamlining the retail logistics, it now has the most competitive prices in the market.

"At the moment, YOKKAO has warehouses set up in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Republic of San Marino. The 3 logistics points are set up to directly serve the markets of Asia, Greater China and Europe/UK/Ireland respectively. These various warehouses around the world allow YOKKAO to offer its products at the most competitive prices by eliminating import taxes and reducing shipping costs for buyers. At the same time, shipping to customers is made faster due to the proximity.

"This year, YOKKAO will be looking to expand its sales network by setting up 2 more warehouses to cater to the markets of Australia and USA. Fans in these 2 regions can expect more attractive prices for YOKKAO goods once these 2 logistic facilities go into operation.

"In 2015, YOKKAO installed the 1000 sqm factory in Samut Prakan on the outskirts of Bangkok. A dedicated product research and development specialization team was also set up and quality has improved tremendously since then. The improvement in product quality also came via the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok where on-the-ground testing of its gear and equipment is conducted and feedbacked on a daily basis by way of the trainers, fighters and training visitors.

"Over the years, YOKKAO has sought to continually improve in every possible aspect of its business to better serve the global Muay Thai community. With the most innovative, trendiest premium-quality Muay Thai products at the most competitive prices, it is no wonder YOKKAO is the top choice of fighters, gyms, and celebrities around the world."

Shops and gyms interested in opening a wholesale account, feel free to register at: https://www.asia.yokkao.com/

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