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Article: YOKKAO Highlights all Global Distributors!

YOKKAO Highlights all Global Distributors!

YOKKAO Highlights all Global Distributors!

In a double win for both customers and retailers YOKKAO has developed an all new online distributor map. This effort will provide loyal YOKKAO fans and customers the most efficient way to obtain the brands high quality gear and apparel, as well as offering all YOKKAO distributors a better way to reach their local customer base. With YOKKAO currently being the number one demanded Muay Thai brand in the world and the request for the brands equipment greater than ever, the need for a single location to showcase all global distributors was paramount.

As the distribution numbers increasing weekly this new development is sure to be a welcomed by everyone. The distributor page will be mobile friendly and ready by the end of the month, making it easy to reach which ever equipment retailer you are closest to by choosing your country and city, then easily connecting through email, website and /or phone number. More YOKKAO distributors coming up over the next few months as partnerships are being signed all over the world, including the long a waited North American market. Feel free to contact YOKKAO at sales@yokkao.com if you are interested in becoming a YOKKAO representative in your area and receiving the many benefits that it brings such as equipment and apparel distribution rights, training center affiliation, YOKKAO fight promotions and seminars.

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