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Article: YOKKAO Introduces The All-New & Original Bomber Pad

YOKKAO Introduces The All-New & Original Bomber Pad

YOKKAO Introduces The All-New & Original Bomber Pad

In its continual quest in developing innovative gear and equipment, YOKKAO has come up with an original pad training equipment unlike anything on the market. With inputs from the trainers and fighters of YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok, the product development team has come up with the all-new Bomber Pad.

Traditionally, pad training is performed in 2 ways using traditional Thai kick pads: standard and freestyle padwork. The former involves the trainer/pad-holder calling out the action to which the fighter responds according. Freestyle padwork is an advanced form of Muay Thai pad holding. The fighter strikes freely and the trainer reads and responds to meet the incoming strikes.

To accord the fighters like Saenchai and Manachai even greater freedom during pad training, the Bomber Pad concept was developed and realized. The resulting product looks simple but has been proven and tested to be effective for training.

Here are some benefits of the Bomber Pad:

Complete Protection
Made using a 25-cm-thick foam padding, the shield-like design of the bomber pad offers full body protection for the trainer while allowing the fighter to throw strikes without restraint.

Challenges fighter imagination
Training with the Bomber Pad Is limited only by a fighter imagination, and challenges him/her to get creative. At the same time, the lightweight pad allows for easy maneuver/movement

Easy to maintain
The Bomber Pad is made with microfiber leather which in itself, offers several advantages over both real and traditional synthetic leather. Besides its tear-resistance properties, microfiber leather is also antibacterial, odourless and very easy to clean.

As demonstrated by Saenchai and other fighters at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok, the Bomber Pad provides the ultimate training experience to take it to the next level. It minimizes training injuries while adding variety and diversity to a fighter routine, making it the new essential modern training equipment for gyms and fighters everywhere. The YOKKAO Bomber Pad is now available at yokkao.com.

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