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Article: YOKKAO Introduces Price Policy for Amazon Resellers

YOKKAO Introduces Price Policy for Amazon Resellers

YOKKAO Introduces Price Policy for Amazon Resellers

Launched this year in March, YOKKAO-Amazon stores offer another safe and trusted online platform from which to purchase authentic YOKKAO products. Fans of the premium Muay Thai brand now have access to a range of the latest goods via the USA, Europe and UK Amazon sites. Managed directly by the company with goods sourced from the YOKKAO factory in Thailand, the Amazon store helps avert the emergence of counterfeit YOKKAO products. There have been concerns and reports of fake goods plaguing other Muay Thai brands retailing on Amazon. YOKKAO has taken the utmost precaution to prevent unauthorized sales of counterfeit products that will not be anywhere near the high quality of YOKKAO.

YOKKAO is the most requested brand of the moment with a growing fan base around the world. Some merchants are now buying and reselling the sought-after products on Amazon due to the high demand. This has led to a price war which the company resolves to prevent by keeping prices standard across the board and inline with a recommended retail price. The price policy offers an added layer of measure to prevent counterfeit YOKKAO products from circulating and avoid price wars. Both of which can potentially tarnish the reputation of authorized sellers and the brand itself, so the company is taking a serious view of the matter. The largest shipment to USA to date is expected to arrive in about a month and a half.

Fans can look forward to a wider selection of YOKKAO products and restock of sizes on bestsellers on the Amazon store. With the new price policy in place for Amazon resellers, customers are assured a trusted marketplace to shop authentic YOKKAO gear and equipment. Visit the YOKKAO Amazon store now at www.amazon.com/yokkao.

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