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Article: YOKKAO Jitmuangnon Stadium Rises Out of Aor Tor Gor

YOKKAO Jitmuangnon Stadium Rises Out of Aor Tor Gor

YOKKAO is once again set to level up the current Muay Thai scene as we expand our promotions by hosting weekly professional Muay Thai events. Philip Villa, the founder of YOKKAO, announced that the leading Muay Thai brand will serve as the sponsor of the events that will be held at the newly-renamed YOKKAO Jitmuangnon Stadium - formerly known as Aor Tor Gor stadium.

The stadium is situated in the city of Nonthaburi, which is just north of Bangkok. It has always been a venue for high-level Muay Thai events in the past, but our new partnership with the Jitmuangnon camp is poised to elevate it and make it even more prominent.

The events are going to be held every Saturday and Sunday and will be available to be viewed live on Yokkao YouTube (youtube.com/yokkaoboxing ). This will allow the fights and the fighters themselves to have a larger audience and enjoy a wider reach. They’ll have the opportunity to gain new fans and also introduce Muay Thai to more people.

In addition to the exposure, the possibility is also there for the fighters to train alongside legends and champions at YOKKAO’s gym in Bangkok. They could hone their skills and even learn a few tips and tricks from the Muay Thai icons who are fixtures in our gym. The fighters could then utilize what they learned when they get to fights at the stadium.

This is considered the next step in YOKKAO’s ever-expanding legacy in the art of eight limbs. It affirms our commitment to providing a platform for Muay Thai fighters - and that includes the best ones from the international scene and the cream of the crop from Thailand.

For those who are interested in witnessing the fights live, tickets are available for purchase at the stadium itself and priced at 1,000 THB. The Saturday fights are scheduled from 2:35 to 4:30 PM and will be aired on Channel 5. And for the Sunday fights, the schedule is from 12:15 to 2:15 PM and will be aired on PPTV. To make sure that you get all of the latest updates, stay connected with us via all our social media channels and you can also check out the dedicated web page for the stadium on our website.

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